Oh shi- I didn’t even know who Nuke was. Another person reading Steve in bad faith then… Why am I disappointed even though I know how common it is?


Right?! God I hear you. I get disappointed as well. In fact, I get so tired of fandom’s abuse of the false dichotomy fallacy of logic sometimes I could scream. Like the person you mentioned on twitter, Meg Downey? I went to check out her twitter after you mentioned her and for the most part I loved several of her Steve posts. But two things bothered me. One, is the one we already discussed with the Nuke thing. And two was that while she praised Ahmed’s Steve, which I agree with her! Ahmed’s Steve was so fantastic. She therein felt the need to knock Waid’s Steve in the process…talk about bad faith reading! 

Like, why do that? Why do people feel the need to diss one thing to prop up another? As a Cap fan I’m willing to buy more than one comic featuring Steve. Seriously! I promise! I want all the Steves! Give me ten books by ten different authors with a well-written Steve in them and I will buy every. single. one. of. them. I’ll buy Ahmed and Waid in the same day and did. I’m just greedy for Cap content like that. I’ll give any author a chance as long as I feel they get Steve’s character, which both did and do. In fact, Waid has consistently written an amazing Steve since the late 1990s. He has never, not once, disappointed me with his take on Steve Rogers. 

And her logic for dissing Waid wasn’t even sound. Steve knew the guy was part of the trap, knew the guy was packing a gun, admitted, out loud, in actual dialogue, that he smelt the gun powder of the gun the guy was packing (which is consistent, Steve has enhanced senses which includes smell) so Steve saying “don’t dawdle” to the guy while still protecting him from traps was definitely NOT ‘hyper masculine and insensitive’ like this Meg person claims. Quite frankly Waid’s Steve is a far, FAR nicer person than I would be in that scenario, because if I knew that a guy I jumped into a trap to save was part of said trap and was packing a gun to try and kill me, I’d leave his ass to all the traps so fast and I wouldn’t even feel guilty about it for a second. I wouldn’t be saying “don’t dawdle” and protecting the guy – I’d be giving him the middle finger and marching off without him, all whilst wishing for another leopard to come by and eat off his manly bits. 

It’s just this need to, I don’t know, prove a love of something by dissing something else is so remarkably off-putting. Whoever does it throws me right out of their argument. I can no longer find myself empathizing with them when people do that. It is possible to love more than one author’s version of Cap in the same day. It’s possible to have a favorite character and a favorite author but like other characters and other authors at the same time, too. Fixating on one thing to the exclusion of all else (I’m not saying its bad to have a preference, everyone does, I’m saying it’s not normal to fixate on that preference to the exclusion of all else in the universe) is not even remotely healthy or sane. 

So yeah, sorry, another tangent again, but yes, I agree with you on getting really sick of bad faith readings and false dichotomies. Life is not generally an ultimatum or an either/or situation and I’m exhausted from fandom trying to make it one. With you 100% on that. After all the horrors that Spencer put we Cap fans through, I feel blessed to have at least two authors at Marvel right now (Waid and Ahmed) who get our guy. 

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