I understand the logic of the Sokovia Accords in-universe, but I think the thing that I find the most soul-crushing about listening to people who are self-professed comics or superhero-fans argue in favor of them is that the Sokovia Accords are fundamentally designed to create a world without superheroes. 

Under the Sokovia Accords, “enhanced” people have two options: retire, and never use their powers, or sign, and basically give over all their free will, agency, and individual moral compass to a UN panel. Enhanced individuals are not allowed to undertake any action – domestic or international – without authorization. So, basically, they can’t do anything without gov’t approval. Even cross international borders (so, effectively an enhanced person travel ban). Enhanced individuals who violate the Accords can be held indefinitely without trial. 

Leaving aside the obvious conversations about issues with human rights (and inhuman rights), the Sokovia Accords guarantee that, whether they sign or not, enhanced people can’t do anything to use their powers to help anyone of their own free will. They are either living as functionally non-enhanced entities, or they are effectively reduced to weapons in government arsenals to be deployed at the will of a UN panel, whether they want to be or not. 

This goes against the very concept of the superhero, as an individual who uses their powers, of their own moral volition, to help people and do good; to do what is needed and what is right, and to step up and do the right thing even when others won’t, because with great power comes great responsibility. 

If you don’t believe in heroes, and only believe that enhanced people are dangers/weapons, then the Sokovia Accords make sense as a weapon control program (albeit one of questionable ethics and humanity). But if you’re someone who supposedly loves this genre, who believes in heroes and innate good… consider that the Sokovia Accords are a measure in this wonderful, magical, heroic universe we love, that would render it as cynical and banal as the world we live in.

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