Can we talk about the fact that Alexander Pierce more than likely grew up with stories about Cap? And more importantly heard stories about Bucky. More than likely he was everywhere. Bucky Barnes and autobiographies, television shows, and then….he controls Bucky Barnes and doesn’t even think of him as a person.






Because ‘Nam is what changes everything.

Because Alex Pierce grew up on the stories of Captain America and the Howling Commandos. He grew up hearing about the friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, their heroism, their sacrifice to their country for the greater good.

He joins up for the Army at 18. He’s in Special Forces at 19. He’s in Vietnam in ‘68. He’s in and out for the next 2 years.  He’s there to protect democracy. Freedom. Honor.

It bothers him the first time he shoots an unarmed man. A kid, really. But the village is hiding rebels and an example had to be made. It quits bothering him after a while.

His Captain tells him to not count prisoners until they land back at base. Alex doesn’t understand why.

He does by the time they touch down.

They burn the jungle down around them to find the enemy. They tear down the world and turn it to ash.

He joined up to become a hero. And all he found was chaos.

He comes home disillusioned and bitter and so, so angry, at the lies he was fed, the fairy tales he believed.

Captain America. He was never a hero. He was just a pawn. A shiny distraction the higher ups used to entertain the crowds at home with feats of strength and white-washed newsreels. A trick to get young men to volunteer themselves to die in a jungle with their guts in their hands, with their legs blown off, all for nothing.

It was all a lie.

People will never choose the right thing. They will only choose what will benefit them. Choice is nothing but a path to chaos.

He’s home a month when a small man with a German accent {Swiss, actually, he says} approaches him with a job offer.

The world has gone mad, Mr. Pierce.

Would you like to help me rebuild it?

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