is this another beef comparison post? this is another beef comparison post oops

@softpunkbucky and I are comparing beefs again help

he has a pretty little wasp waist in cap2 but in cap3 he’s just. SOLID

This is a great comparison shot because you can see that in the first one, the curve of his waist follows the width of the horizontal straps, and in the second one, there is clearly extra inches filled out on either side 💦💦


Am I the only one whose seeing how in cwtws the horizontal straps are straight up and down, but in CACW they’re pulled to the left, as if they tried to squeeze him into his old costume, but it just doesn’t fit?

Also bonus if you compare the width of the chest strap, and also in Cap3 more of the metal arm is visible near the shoulder/arm pit. HIM BIG.

Bonus x2:

I was trying to find some decent shots of him in the Winter Soldier outfit in Cap3 for a better comparison but they’re actually few and far between.

Someone get some big HD beef stat

See, this could just be me being Captain Angstbucket, and the whole thing is probably a coincidence (with seb bulking up for the role), but 1991 winter soldier is beefy. He’s solid. 

2014 winter soldier is strong, yeah, he’s got abs. But he’s also pretty slender too

Which says to me that the Russians took care of him physically (not mentally obviously, let’s not even go there). But in the care of Alexander Pierce? The weight is dropping off him

Which makes me wonder, at what point Pierce stop finding value in the winter soldier? This man was a ghost, a myth, and Pierce sends him repeatedly out in broad daylight, into crowded streets full of witnesses.

When did the winter soldier become a blunt instrument to him, rather than a fine blade? When was decided that he would get the minimum requirements to stay functional? How long was he losing all that muscle, all that weight before being sent on suicide missions?

Was Pierce a little disappointed each time he came back?

I gotta re-re-reblog this for the meta because yesssss, I also follow that headcanon; the Russian’s treated TWS better, though he was still a thing to them.

Jumps on the angst train cos that’s a good point about Pierce, I think it kind of goes in hand with the idea that the Russian branch of Hydra never gave Pierce/American Hydra the proper “TWS 101″, they probably told them the basics but never how to properly control him. Hence all the “wipe and start over”s. And then like, since TWS wasn’t working properly he became that blunt instrument in Pierce’s eyes.

Though my headcanon about his nutrition differs; I think they do give him the required nutrients, but because he doesn’t have proper food (hydra making sure they know what goes into him, he’s a thing he doesnt need it etc) and his increased metabolism he just burns through it like no tomorrow. It’s an odd irony that what they think is the best for him really isnt.

Adding a boxcar to the angst train with a mention of how much more awful it makes Pierce offering him that milk if Pierce didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Asset’s nutrition.

Ya’ll somehow managed to pack thirst, angst, and meta into one Bulky Barnes post, and I’m proud of everyone.

someone please put a hat and mitten on that boy he is on a frozen mountain

(also I assumed Project Insight would make TWS obsolete so…….)

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