The loveliest, most wonderful @colorcoated01 asked for: ShrunkyClunks + Accidental Orgasms + Poor Embarrassed Cap Steve + A Very Surprised Bucky (rated M):

“Buck,” Steve says, tighter around Bucky.  “Stop that.” They’re in line for the Cyclone, having already crossed the Slingshot and Thunderbolt off the list of major attractions to ride. Bucky’s leaning against Steve, his back to Steve’s chest, and has, for the last few minutes, been subtle rubbing his ass against Steve’s dick.

Which is hard.

Very fucking hard.

“Stop what?”  Bucky turns to look at him, eyes wide and full of innocence.  It’s almost enough buy it.

“You know what,” he says, putting on his sternest face.  He’s wearing a hat and sunglasses, and so far no one’s recognized him, but he doesn’t want to press his luck.

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