Weekend Book Club



(Fri 20th July)

Hello, dear followers! It’s almost the weekend! How have you been? Read anything good? Leave a comment below! Tell us what you’ve been reading.

Need something to read? We’ve got you covered!

Lots to choose from this week:

Friday Fic Recs – feat. Steve/Bucky

Also some new lists:

Bucky x Thor list

Steve/Bucky with Sub Bucky + Cockwarming themes

Steve/Bucky with Possessive Steve 

Don’t forget, to check out all the new fic recs, just browse the tag:

#fic rec

Not sure how to browse our tags? This post shows you how!

A quick shoutout as well to the Stucky AU Big Bang, as their sign ups open TOMORROW July 21st, and I really hope writers who are also bottom!Bucky fans will sign up for it to make some awesome new content! 

Now, enjoy the fics, remember to leave kudos for writers to show we appreciate all their hard work, and have a great weekend!


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