Just as the phrase “what the entire fuck” implies the existence of fractional fucks, the phrase “what the absolute fuck” implies the existence of both positive and negative fucks (or else there would be no need for an absolute value operation). Taken together with the phrase “what the actual fuck” (which implies the existence of imaginary fucks), we may thus conclude that fuckery is isomorphic with the complex field.

Technically, we can only conclude that “a fuck” is an element of some norm space over a field containing fractional values; the space being isomorphic to ℂ is a substantially stronger claim.

Well this is a negative fuck tonne of complexity now innit?

It’s also important to note that, since we can turn the fuck around or move the fuck over there, then we can represent all our fucks as vector quantities, even if we give no fucks.

We can also fuck someone over, which makes it an operation matrix, but since it’s an open question whether anything can be truly unfucked, we cannot conclude it is a one-to-one operation and are forced to say it is at most a rank-2 pseudotensor.

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