Partial List of Supertags for the AO3 “Exclude” Filter


All of these are parent tags that will strip works tagged with any of their subtags from your search results. So for example, instead of having to enter the tags for high school AUs, college AUs, and boarding-school AUs separately, just pop “Alternate Universe – School” into the exclude filter and it’ll accomplish the same thing.

You will notice there are a lot of AU tags in here. If I had a magic wand to wave at the AO3 tag-wrangling system, the very first thing I’d do is create a supertag for setting/universe alterations that doesn’t include canon-divergence AUs, which are a separate beast. But we live in the universe where there’s no such thing, and being able to enter the 10 biggest AU supertags into “exclude” beats the tar outta playing whack-a-mole with all their dozens and dozens of child tags.

Avoidance Needs

  • Mental Health Issues (92024) (Many granular sets of subtags)
  • Abuse (82463) (Many granular sets of subtags)
  • Non-Consensual (67956) (Noncon touching/kinks, rape fantasy, past/threatened/implied, aftermath and recovery)
  • Pregnancy (51212) (Includes mpreg, “Pregnant [Character],” etc)
  • Consent Issues (45770) (Dubcon, uninformed consent, fuck-or-die)
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (38933) (Parent tag for all omegaverse variants, “Alpha [Character],” etc)
  • Children (38546) (Characters having children, characters as children, various AUs–but “Age Regression/De-Aging” is a separate tag)
  • Soulmates (38278) (Also covers “Alternate Universe – Soulmates,” soulmarks, etc)
  • Homophobia (30930) (Internalized, period-typical, etc)
  • Alternate Universe – Gender Changes (8702)

Mundane AUs

Genre AUs

Other Canons and Time Periods

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