While I’m not excusing James Gunn’s original tweets in any way, and it’s a good thing that Disney cares, firing him over some jokes in poor taste (not even him *doing* anything) he made 8+ years ago is just… no.

This whole “one mistake and you’re cancelled forever” mentality is THE WORST. Why do we even bother trying to educate people so they can be better, then?

James Gunn has grown as a person and has apologised (truly owned up to what he said and apologised, not your usual non-apology) for those tweets. Should they have been consequences 8 years ago when he made them? Maybe. Idk if there were or not. But punishing him for them now is just stupid wrong and I can assure you EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has some stupid shit they said/did 8 years ago and if we all had someone digging them up or keeping receipts we’d all be fucked.

Also, this whole thing is particularly messed up when you consider the fact that the person who dug up those tweets is an alt-righter who was pissed off over Gunn’s tweets against Trump and wanted to find something he could bring to Disney’s attention so they’d fire him. That’s all levels of fucked up and by firing Gunn, Disney is actually validating this guy and also encouraging this whole judging people for dumb shit they said decades ago when it’s clear that they’ve become better people since then.

Yes, it’s good that they care, but this thing with Gunn shouldn’t have happened and he for sure shouldn’t be used to set an example. There’s far worse offenders working for Disney still.

It’s worth noting who brought the tweets to light, and why they did it. Mike Cernovich is a colossal bastard, a major member of the American alt right, a leader of gamergate, a rapist and a misogynist who had a YouTube channel devoted to giving advice on how to rape women. He also has a long history of getting vocal opponents of trump (like Gunn) fired <p>So maybe take a minute to ask yourself why these tweets are being brought up now, and who did them. And ask yourself what’s the real issue here; tweets a decade old that were in poor taste, or a campaign of silencing any high profile individual who speaks out against trump

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