“Why are we still in costume?” Green Lantern asked. “You’d be surprised how little it matters.” A car slowed beside them, and a woman stuck her head out the passenger window. “Do you guys do parties?” Silently, Batman pulled a card out of his belt and handed it to her. “Thanks!” she said, and they pulled away. “What did you just give her?” Barry asked. “I know a guy.”


i just really like the idea that the justice league can just wander around in costume doing whatever and people will just assume they’re cosplaying/larping randos, or possibly the superhero equivalent of party princesses

i also really like the idea that at least once batman has ended up in a room full of people auditioning for the part of batman for a true crime recreation or something and got a lot of critiques on his interpretation of the bat mythos, and he took cards from the people whose versions he liked best and who seemed to be having the most fun with it

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