Write It or Rec It! #1

Hello and welcome to a new HYBB event where I’ll post themed fic requests, and followers can either go Write new fic for that prompt, or send in submissions to Rec fics that fit the prompt!

Prompt no. 1) Rom Com

Looking for:

Bucky centric, Rom Com fics!

(with either bottom Bucky/or implied, or a non-graphic rating.)

What is a rom com? Aka a romantic comedy, can be any theme or set up, as long as the main plot devices are romance, with a hint of comedy, or all-out comedy.

Think meet cutes, meet awkwards, sweet and fun first meetings, or pining/mutual pining with getting together. Usually they’re light hearted and fun too.

Write It or Rec It!

And HYBB will reblog it here!

Submissions are open as always, as are Asks


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