Consider: Hobbits unused to carrying swords, initially VERY unclear on when it’s appropriate to whip em out

Merry and Pippin have a disagreement over, idk, whether cake or pie is better and both draw their swords like ‘HAVE AT THEE’ 

meanwhile Aragorn in the background like, boys please, please boys those are sharp

Frodo: *napping*

Boromir: hey Frodo wake up we need to talk-

Sam: he’s having his nap sir

Boromir: Sam please this is important

Sam: *draws his fucking sword* HE’S HAVIN HIS NAP GO AWAY

Frodo is slightly more sensible & very polite

Frodo: *sees Aragorn with his sword drawn* oh is there trouble. should i get out my sword

Aragorn: …no that’s alright

Frodo: are you sure it’s no trouble

Aragorn: Frodo if i want you to draw your sword I’ll. I’ll say so alright

Frodo: ah, alright 🙂 just say the word

Boromir: *grabs Sam’s sword* ok I’m confiscating this till you learn how to use it appropriately

Sam: *does not let go*

Boromir: *pulls harder*

Sam: *still does not let go*

Boromir: *slowly dragging Sam across the ground* HOW ARE YOU SO STRONG

Frodo: *waking up* WHAT… is going on

Boromir: *holding sword like 6 feet up in the air w Sam dangling off it* um

Sam: I’m handling it Mr Frodo go back to sleep

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