“We as a fandom have to talk about-” No. No we don’t. You can talk about it if you want to. That’s fine, if that’s how you fandom then go for it. I hope it works out for you because I want you to enjoy your fandom experience. But if I’m in fandom for reasons that’s counter to, then I have no obligation to talk about it. I don’t have to talk about anything except what I want to.

“Okay but you have to talk about your fave’s flaws-” No! No I don’t! I have to be able to acknowledge those flaws when they come up. I have to be able to admit that my character has flaws, and accept when others talk about those flaws. But I don’t have to talk about them if I don’t want to. If I want to only focus on the better aspects of my fave, even if that means just shallowly talking about how hot they are, I can. That’s my choice, that’s how I’ve decided to enjoy them.

Fandom is meant to be fun. Fandom is meant to be a hobby. I don’t have to talk about any aspect of my favorite story or ship or character or writer or anything if I don’t want to. You know what’s not fun? Having to talk about the ways my favorite thing is bad every time I want to talk about it. Having to point out my favorite thing’s flaws instead of the things that makes me enjoy it. Having to disclaim before I get to sing something’s praises because “yeah I know it’s shit BUT”. No. I can know something is bad without needing to talk about it.

Idk dude this sounds like a really great rationalization for wanting to ignore the parts of something that are problematic and not wanting to have to unpack that

Listen. If the way you fandom is to spend all of your time on critical analysis and unpack everything that makes the thing you like problematic, if that’s what you’re about, then go for it. I mean it. If that’s how you get on, then you do you, and I stand by what I said above, I hope it works out for you. I want everyone to be able to enjoy their fandom experience, even if I can’t wrap my head around why the way they fandom is enjoyable.

But I don’t owe anyone anything. If I don’t want to have a big public discussion about how problematic my favorite thing is, then I don’t have to. That’s my choice. I don’t have to perform a requisite level of discourse to be able to enjoy something; I can just enjoy it, and no one else gets a say in that.

It’s not a rationalization, it’s reality. I can fandom sans discourse if that’s the way I choose to fandom. End of sentence.

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