Level 1: There exists a single objectively correct translation, and all localisatons should use it.

Level 2: It’s impossible for a translation’s text ever to perfectly match the connotations and cultural context of the original text, so all translations are equally wrong.

Level 3: None of the original text’s readers brought the exact same set of assumptions and experiences to the act of reading it as the author brought to the act of writing it; before we can judge a translation as “right” or “wrong”, we have to ask: right or wrong from whose perspective?

Level 4: Localisation is effectively a work of original authorship, so translation choices cannot be “right” or “wrong” in the abstract; they can only be more or less suited for a particular purpose.

Level 5: Add more dick jokes.

Aren’t levels 3 and 4 essentially the same, save the distinction between audience and purpose? 

No, because at Level 3 you’re still assuming that the point of translation is to faithfully recreate [the/an] experience of the original text. At Level 4 you allow for other purposes.

Level Borges: The Original is unfaithful to the translation.

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