I dreamed that clowns were also called cowboy killers, and every cowboy had a clown somewhere … watching … waiting …

In my dream it was like you (the cowboy) would just catch glimpses of the clown out of the corner of your eye, closer and closer, until one day the clown was right there and that’s it, your ticket is up, it’s clown judgement day.

And I was thinking about this this morning and I was like “brain, that is not clowns you’re thinking of. that’s grim reapers.”

And my brain was like, “yes. clowns.”

If you weren’t aware that the coyotes noises in my area frequently sound like hysterical laughter I am happy to get to introduce you to this fact

Congratulations, you have come up with a better setup than one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, “Clown Hunt”.

okay, the trailer looks ungodly shitty but I love this premise

I gotta know where rodeo clowns fit into the mix

I’m so glad you brought this up, because I was thinking about this the other day.

Rodeo clowns clearly manifest because their subject is cheating death every moment they aren’t being actively trampled to death by an angry bull.

Is the bull distracted by the randomly appearing death-clown, saving the cowboy’s life, or is it that the presence of the clown, way over there, popping out of that barrel, indicates that it is Not Yet Time?

Maybe both.

The trick is not to look too closely at the clown.


#i just really wanted to draw cowboy hunter clown cryptid i guess

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, he’s terrifying, I love him!! 💜

@prokopetz I want your thoughts on this.

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