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do corvids have names?

i don’t mean, do humans give them names. of course we do. we name everything. we name frogs and fish. i mean, do corvids recognize names and answer to them?

and also, do corvids have specific sounds they use to refer to each other? that one’s maybe a bit more esoteric, i don’t know if anyone’s even done the research. but this is for a fantasy novel, so if it looks sorta plausible i can go with it. i just want to know if it’s within the behavior set, you know?

thank you for the responses! it seems crows do indeed have the concept of names, and use names, and distinguish between individuals that way. they reference people who aren’t present! that’s pretty dang advanced for an animal!

next step: figure out what crow names are like.

so far i’ve been writing casimir calling his crows ‘hey asshole’ and ‘you little pirate’ and ‘smartass’ and it occurs to me that those are pretty good crow names. but if crows give each other names he’d use those.

i feel like crows probably have names that sound like 1930′s gangsters. like ‘knuckles’ and ‘bugsy’. except crow themed. ravens have Very Dignified Names and then shorten them in awkward ways. like a raven called Steals Fire From The Clouds would get called Cloudy. there is definitely a raven that the crows named Moose.

I have to quote you a bit of The Raven and the Reindeer by T Kingfisher:

“Do you have a name?” asked Gerta.
“I do,” said the raven.
Gerta waited.
The raven fluffed its beard. “I am the Sound of Mouse Bones Crunching Under the Hooves of God.”
Gerta blinked a few times. “That’s…quite a name.”
“I made it myself,” said the raven, preening. “I stole the very shiniest words and hoarded them all up until they made something worth having. Sound and God were particularly well-guarded. Crunching I found in a squirrel nest, though.”
“May I call you Mousebones?” asked Gerta. “It’s…a lot to say all at once.”
It was hard for a creature with a beak to scowl, but the raven managed, mostly with the skin around its eyes. “I suppose,” it said. “If you must.”

that raven is a lot more dignified than the ones i’m writing. 😀

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