Hey guys!

I’m having a bit of technical problems at the moment – my computer (and my phone ugh :’( ) decided to start dying on me and this summer I want to try to upgrade them, so I’m making a new vid commission post!

A few examples of commissioned videos I made for lovely folks: Taron Egerton BD video, Loki/Tony Stark character study video, Tony Stark & Bruce Wayne au, besides that I’ve edited a bunch of personal home videos/Birthday wishes videos/trailers for fics that I haven’t posted on my own YT channel (for obvious reasons).

Now that it’s summer and a lot of shows are on hiatus, it’s the best time to make videos!

Based on my previous experience and how much time I’ve spent gathering/preparing/editing all the material, I’m raising the price a little bit.

I’m charging ~ 30$ for every 30 seconds of a
video. The price is negotiable, depending on what kind of video/fandom
you want (e.g.a Supernatural video would cost more than a video for a
movie, because I would have to go through 13 seasons of footage rather
than just a two hour movie, you get the idea).

So far I’ve made videos for Supernatural, Captain America/Marvel, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who, Merlin, Elementary, White Collar, Daredevil, Kings, Teen Wolf,
other tv shows/pairings, and a bunch of different movies. I’m willing to try new things, though it might take me some time to watch a tv
show/movie if I’m not familiar with it.

I’ve made general videos,
character studies, trailers for fics (fun times!), a couple of crack
videos (though let’s face it: blood and tears and general misery is my
jam), promo videos, you name it.

If you want your personal video edited and you’re comfortable with me doing it, I’m all for it, too!

Paying is via paypal only.

If you have any questions please contact me here on tumblr, on youtube or via e-mail: loki-toki at hotmail dot com

If you don’t want to/are unable to commission a video from me but still want to help (which I would appreciate immensely) here’s my ko-fi page so you can buy me a coffee! OR just reblog this post ♥

Thank you in advance!


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