Is big dick energy quantitative or qualitative?

That is, by “big dick energy” do we merely mean a large quantity of dick energy, or do we mean the particular type energy emitted by a big dick?

If it’s the former, can multiple small dicks add up to big dick energy? Is the unit scale of dick energy linear (i.e., like luminous flux) or logarithmic (i.e., like sound)? Does big dick energy become small dick energy when sufficiently attenuated? Does the inverse-square law apply to dick energy?

If it’s the latter, is it possible to have a small quantity of big dick energy, or conversely, a large quantity of small dick energy? By what particular quality are these energies differentiated? By frequency? If so, can big dick energy be doppler-shifted into small dick energy, or vice versa? Does a small dick approaching at high velocity emit big dick energy in the reference frame of a stationary observer?

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