i love seeing professors getting super excited before talking about the only infix in English it’s so funny

#an infix is an affix that happens in the middle of the word#an affix is a prefix or suffix#our only infix is “fucking” lmao#like fan-fucking-tastic#or abso-fucking-lutely#it’s just so funny the profs always get a huge smile#and gets all cheeky

Like I knew that it was a thing, I just didn’t realize it was such a UNIQUE THING.

we actually have more than one, depending on the variety of english you speak! they mostly tend to be profanity
for example, in australian and british english, another infix is “bloody”
abso-bloody-lutely, mate

also, in hip hop slang, we have “iz” or “izn”
like, shiznit for shit
and “ma”, “whose location in the gives a word an ironic pseudo-sophistication, as insophistimacated, saxomaphone, and edumacation”

oh weird! a friend of mine says “orgamamize”, and i would never have interpreted it as implying “ironic pseudo-sophistication”. but i would grant that reading for “edumacation”.

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