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(Friday 24th August – banner art is by Gyrhs)

Hello, dear followers! 

How has your week been? Do you need lots of new fics to read? Well, we have plenty here! 

Here is this week’s:

Friday Fic Recs

There is also:

Cheerleader Bucky fic list


Pillow Princess/Spoiled Bucky fic list

Please check the tag 

#fic rec

for all the reblogged fics, as it updates frequently!

For themed lists of fics there is:

#fic list

Don’t forget to also check the #ask or #anon tag to see if a question for fics has already been answered.

Not sure how to browse our tags? This post shows you how.

We also have on-going event Write It or Rec It, now with 2 prompts! You can either write new fic for the prompt, or send in recs for fics that match the prompt. 

HYBB now has a Submissions Guidelines post, please take a look so you know what themes HYBB will reblog and take requests for (and which themes we don’t!) 

If you’re unsure or want to ask a question, slide in the DM’s, or send in an Ask!

Have a great weekend!


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