I really, REALLY love the winter soldier highway fight scene because I don’t remember jack shit from that movie I don’t know who the hell Bucky is yet I can feel the mood drop when he first gets shown on screen and I know he is TERRIFYING. the music with a slow drum beat as he slowly walks towards that car is so god damn tense I don’t even know who he’s looking for but I’m praying for them. and every shot he has is completely focused except a few that shake a little which really lets you know this dude is strict and ready to fuck shit up but he’s also kinda unhinged. idk if it was intentional but its good.

and when Steve tries to stop him and he punches the shield and it makes that cool gong sound and LEAVES A MARK ON THE GOD DAMN SHIELD!!! 
consider my nut officially busted and my wig snatched.

the little hand to hand combat bit with steve is so neat as well because all these other heroes don’t really…. look like they’re fighting…. like black widow u look cool and I’m gay for u but what kind of fairy bullshit are you doing….babe…
but Bucky genuinely fights like a soldier while Steve doest like spin kicks that don’t do shit and I’m so grateful for it

then the moment that mask falls off. BITCH thats all I have to say.
i don’t remember that being a thing but I gasped out loud cuz the way that moment was done is probably the best piece of exposition if I’ve ever seen you know these 2 are connected you KNOW Steve knows him and you feel sad when he goes “who’s Bucky?” even tho I too don’t know who Bucky is besides a hot long haired dude who’s very pissed off and has a lot of eyeliner.

TLDR: this is me @ the highway fight scene from winter soldier:

Op you’re right you should say it

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