hey guys, did i ever tell you about the legendary batmantaur?  it would have been five or six years ago, i think.

No pls continue ☺

okay so, back in probably late 2012, i was attending physics courses at the university of toledo.  there was a desk toward the back of one of the classrooms that i sat in pretty regularly, and one day i came in to find an exquisitely muscular and beautifully detailed torso/bust of batman drawn on my desk in pencil.

i was stunned.  who put this masterpiece here?  how did they do it in a meager one-hour class time?  where was batman’s lower half?

and, most intensely, would they mind if i added to the drawing?

throwing caution (and attention to class) to the wind, i gave batman a lower half.

it may not have been the lower half they were expecting.  nevertheless, batmantaur was born.

i don’t remember what the artist’s response was, but the next class day he had written the beginnings of a chat on the desk.  i don’t even remember his name, but we had something special for the rest of that semester.  an understanding, an appreciation, a kinship perhaps.

so what became of batmantaur?  it remained in that room throughout most of the semester, though i think i remember the desk getting moved around a few times.  eventually, i came in one day to find the desk half-dismantled, as though someone had tried to remove the desktop.  about a week later, whoever it was actually did succeed in stealing it.  i never saw batmantaur again.

and thus, he became a legend.  if i didn’t have photos of him, i myself probably wouldn’t even believe that he had existed.

his spirit lived on in the future collaborative works of flashtaur and captain americataur.

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