re: writing about busty people: I’ve read like 1093821903821930 things that treat bras as, like, these dainty lace confections, or these cruel torture devices invented by men, but there is a weird absence of stories where bras are a thing that hold your tits up. There are similarly a weird absence of stories where boobs behave in the many and varied ways in which boobs behave, i.e., they go kind of where you don’t want them sometimes; their nipples point at an angle or, in fact, down rather than straight out in the absence of a bra; they are one size and shape when you are standing up and literally a completely different size and shape when you are lying down on your back and yet another completely different size and shape when you are lying down on your side. Tits!! They’re squishy? So they move around. And bras are a big part of how people who have a lot of tit manage their tits, to keep from them doing things that are super uncomfortable.

This is especially relevant to me, because some busty people (including me) are just more comfortable in a bra than without one. Like, sitting around, eating Doritos, or whatever. Also while working out, but: sitting around! Doing fuck all! I for one am, in fact, more comfortable in an underwire bra than without a bra, because underwire bras—annoying though they may be—tend to give me better support and make my back hurt less than non-underwire bras, when I’m wearing them all day. That said, my ultimate boob comfort preference is a medium-supportive stretchy sports bra–I sleep and do my morning stretches and PT exercises (though not heavier workouts) in the same medium-supportive stretchy sports bra. I sleep in a sports bra because if I don’t, I have been known to roll over onto my own tit, which is super painful and does not make for a restful night’s sleep. Just in case you wanted a) a data point and b) a hilarious boob faux pas you can now feel free to use when writing busty people in fiction, have fun. And yes, I too find the experience of taking off my daytime bra super
ecstatically wonderful, but this sensation is in no way diminished by
the fact that I then put on a different bra in which to lounge around lazily. It feels good because they wear differently.

Anyway. This isn’t universal, and not everyone with big boobs is more comfortable in a bra, but I like them! They hold my tits up! And my point here is just that bras are not, like, exclusively tools of the patriarchy, or exclusively decoration: for some people, especially people with big tits, bras also allow us to do normal activity, like jogging, walking, and rolling over in bed without causing ourselves personal injury.

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