Part II of my ode to @frostbitebakery and her devastating Stucky piece, Missed Connections. 

Part 1 is here

This is shrunkyclunks, soulmates AU, rated M for language, sexual situations, canon typical violence, and angst.

*correction to part 1: the photograph that Bucky saw in his textbook was released by Project Rebirth, not Project Insight.

Part II:

When Bucky is eighteen, he and his parents take a trip to the American council headquarters in DC.

They interview Bucky extensively, probing every little detail.  They ask the same question five different ways, trying to trip him up.  There are a few rounds of good cop/bad cop, and eventually George Barnes gets so fed up that he stands, takes Winnie’s hand and says, “Come on, son.  We’re leaving.”

“George,” Winnie says.

“Dad,” Bucky says.

So George sits back down and the council dial it back some, and the interview goes on.

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