#Steve staying with Sam in the anti-superhero fallout post Ultron#Steve despondent because Sam wasn’t able to track Bucky down despite his best efforts#Steve waking up to the sound of rustling outside the window and nearly collapsing when Bucky pokes through the shutters#Bucky yelling angrily about stupid risk taking suicidal idiots on the television#Steve crossing the room in two steps and grabbing for Bucky and pulling him in for the messiest kiss in the history of kisses#Neither of them know who started crying first but they can’t seem to stop#Sobbing each other’s names between kisses that grow gentler and longer#Bucky spends the night curled up in Steve’s bed with him and they just talk about all the things they never got to say in 1940#Steve begging Bucky to stay when the sun rises and Bucky smiling regretfully and saying he can’t#Not yet#But he comes back the following night to see Steve again#And the next#And every morning Steve asks Bucky if he’ll stay this time#And then one day#Bucky says yes (via samtwilson)

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