I want to support writers but I don’t have the energy to read right now let alone comment. What else can I do?



I find myself in this boat roughly 95% of the time, too, anon. Here’s what I do. Hopefully some of it will work for you, and if not then hopefully the blog will add their ideas too:

  • reblog the author’s tumblr posts about their work
  • if they’re a writer you have previously enjoyed, recommend them to friends
  • submit their stories to fic rec blogs
  • create fanart for them
  • create a playlist to accompany one of their fics 
  • submit prompts (maybe also message and let them know that you might not read because of energy issues but that you love their writing and want to encourage them)
  • make them a fic banner or aesthetic to post with their story (you just need to know the title and maybe the summary)
  • drop them an ask to tell them that you appreciate them
  • send them a message to tell them that you appreciate them


Please reblog writer posts if you can and signal boost them 😊

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