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among the reasons my fandom writing output has been falling off lately is because, having been underemployed for as long as i have (years), i have to start making some money off this craft or i cannot justify the sheer amount of time and energy i put into it anymore. accordingly!! i have been writing original romance novels for the purposes of self-publishing on amazon. my first one is EXTREMELY close to being finished, and i plan to launch it in two weeks. it is about a veterinarian from toronto (david) who moves to rural british columbia and gets gently bullied by a real ornery hobby farmer (gabe) who thinks he’s sex on legs and is really mad about it.

here are some useful facts! i will crosspost here probably two times for every novel i debut: one with a promotional excerpt intended to entice readers, and one when the book goes live with an actual purchase link. i will be tagging these posts as “JULIANNA THORN” (which is the name i am publishing under), and i freely encourage folks to block this tag if such exploits are not of interest to you. if you’re leaning the other way on this and want to stay abreast of such developments, you can follow my alterego julianna on:

there’s not much on any of those yet, but there will be within 12 hours.

this is a very bad promotional post, and that’s because it isn’t really that. this account was made for fandom, it will remain for fandom. i have not stopped, will not stop writing for fandom. i wondered if i might, but the more i grind through the process of completing a genre novel in a short period of time, the more important to me fandom writing has actually become.

to wit: i do not expect fandom people to buy my novels. i would be a shitty self-promoter if i didn’t give it the occasional shot, though. i don’t otherwise signal boost on this blog and i don’t expect you to signal boost on yours, but what would help me is word of mouth: if you know of someone who likes m/m contemporary romance that costs not very much money, and you like my writing, it’d be cool if you would think about pointing people my way when those venn diagrams overlap.

i will also, on those promotional posts, be linking to my ko-fi. i have not linked it on this blog before, because i really want my fandom writing to stay 100% free. the reason fandom writing has stayed important to me is because i like to do it however i like, on my schedule, and i like to try out weird shit while i’m doing it. i don’t ever want someone to tip me for fandom only to be handed a shit sandwich that i lovingly but ballsingly created.

however: the time has come where i am writing original novels to try to make rent, and that is the kind of “i am a professional creative” calling card that makes me feel okay about having a ko-fi. this is a good option for people who like the symbolic gesture of buying my book but who actually couldn’t give two shits about the book itself. could be you don’t care about the conventions of romance novels, or about two randos who definitely aren’t just retconned AU steve and bucky making time on a farm. maybe you prefer to read about actual steve and bucky making time on a farm, i can dig it. but if you still want to support my haphazard business model, you can, and it would help me out a lot.

this is a longwinded way of saying: i’m trying to build my own little creative business. support in any form is appreciated but not expected; blocking these posts is so okay. i also plan to continue writing as a hobby. i plan to cross those streams a little bit, but not a whole ton. i will reblog this post you are reading twice. thank you for following me on tumblog dot com.

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