Fanfictionwriter101′s Writing Challenge



It’s happening!! 

So, what is this? 

It’s a weekly challenge that anyone can participate in! On a Monday I’ll post the challenge for the week and then you have until Friday to submit your entry, which will be posted to my blog. There’s no winner or anything like that – it’s just for fun and to get your name out there! 

{A moment about dates – I live in NZ, which means I’m a day ahead from most other countries. Which means for me I’ll be posting on a Monday, but it may be Sunday for you. Because of this, I’ll be closing the submissions on Thursday for some of you. Here’s a website TimeBie that you can use to find out when it closes for you. NZ uses NZT so write that in the first box then your own 🙂 Hope that helps}

Everything about this challenge will be tagged as Fanfictionwriter101′s writing challenge and writing challenge


  • Follow the word count provided 
  • Submit before Friday 
  • Follow the prompt
  • Must be your work
  • Must have been written for the challenge, so no old work (unless stated otherwise) 
  • Can be Original or fanfiction 
  • You can submit as many times as you want
  • Have Fun!
  • Like and Reblog everyone else’s work

I hope you guys have a whole lot of fun with this! The first prompt will be out Monday! 

Any questions feel free to message me! 

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