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Hey there! I’m GoldBlooded over on AO3 and I want to share some of my personal favorite Stucky fics. These aren’t ones I’ve enjoyed and bookmarked; these are the ones I’ve read, and re-read, and turn to at the end of a shitty day. I love them, I think about them, I’m excited by them, I’ve lost my mind if I was following them as WIPs and they updated. 

These fics are there for me and deserve all the love and praise, as do their super talented authors. So here goes!

These Streets by @nejineeee
-I love these versions of Steve and Bucky; Steve is righteous, and a little shit, and funny, and awkward. Bucky is a gruff, scary marshmallow that can’t resist Steve. There are mysteries to be solved, but they’re not overwhelming or too detailed. Heavily features amazing background/supporting roles from many, many Marvel characters, some obscure and some not. It also has so much heart. The Goldilocks of fanfic: everything is just right. 

Family Placement by @notlucy​ 
-also affectionately known by its unofficial alternate title, ‘Little Steve on the Prairie.’ This fic, like any notlucy fic, has such a distinct and clear narration that submerges you entirely into the world of the fic. Smol Steeb and WS!Bucky on a prairie in 1860′s Kansas? Sounds cheesy and like it would be a disaster. But, like some other strange fusions (the historical rap stylings of Hamilton come to mind) it just fucking works.

A Marriage of Ice and Fire by @mystrana​ & @artgroves
-Apparently supposed to be a GoT mashup, but as I’ve never seen GoT, I just see it as a fantasy/medieval AU with the best damn hatefucking I’ve ever read with my own two eyes. I actually had a pseudo-book club (fic club?) with @leisurelypanda​ about this fic while it was updating, and we spent a lot of time losing our minds over the story, action, illustrations, and predictions. (There was even some betting involved.) So. Fucking. Good.

What the Doctor Ordered by sarahyellow
-Listen. I’ve read almost everything by sarahyellow, and read a lot of it multiple times. Hands down one of my favorite authors. So when I tell you that this fic is the most read out of all of them, I mean that shit. I love firey small omega Steve and gentle alpha Bucky. I love the unspoken, tense history between them. But most of all, I love that it’s the first in a series that explores what happens (and happened) between them in a 1940′s Omega House. Sarahyellow’s worldbuilding, especially in A/B/O ‘verses, is outstanding.

Sticky Fingers and Short Circuit by @chiyume
-My very first Stucky fic was a Chiyume fic. Well, probably the first 5 or so. These are the ones I come back to the most, because while probably technically being PWP, the characterizations and the relationships between them sparkle vibrantly. You think there’s no way pure smut can have worldbuilding, nuance, humor, finesse, tenderness, and supa-hot sex with prose that’s both efficient and beautiful? Think again, my friend.

Heart of Fools by @claudia-flies
-Look, I know A/B/O isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. But quality A/B/O makes me happy and so does this fic. It’s simple and sweet, a touch angsty, and the concept is really interesting and well-executed. The A/B/O aspect almost takes a back seat to the human aspect, and the characterizations are rock solid. I’ve lost track of how many re-reads I’ve given this.

The Shadow & The Soul by fallingvoices
-I’d never even heard of daemons or Phillip J. Pullman’s series until someone in the comments told me what this was based off of. But seriously, this fic is so profoundly, darkly, hauntingly beautiful it makes me sit and contemplate the universe for a while each time I read it. It makes me feel all sorts of complex things the way any Neil Gaiman story or The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss does. I have never encountered another amateur fic like this, ever.

Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (And Other Lies He Tells Himself) by @bettsfic
-This is the fic I read when I want something fluffy and self-indulgent. I love food/chef AUs, and I love sweet, hunky, humble Steve. There’s so much humor and schmoop and it makes me sigh happily at several points throughout. It’s soft, and lovely, and wonderful.  

Alrighty, so I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now! I’m sure there’s many fic I’ve yet to discover or that hasn’t been written yet that’s worthy of my all-time faves list, and maybe at some point I’ll do a part 2. Who knows! 

Ahhhh, thank you, sweetness! I am overwhelmed and humbled to be in such fine company!

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