You did good Chris. 

You gave an entire generation a shining star in Steve Rogers. Not only in strength, but in courage. In valor. In getting back up every time you fall, in fighting for what’s right even if everyone is against you. In being kind, being selfless, being determined, being loyal. 

It was never about the super speed, strength, and shield for me.

Steve is hope, inspiration, a friend during the darkest of times, a beacon of light when the world is against you. Steve is adjusting in a place you don’t feel like you belong, loving so fiercely you become almost reckless, sorrow so painful it makes you ache, smiling despite it all and holding yourself tall. 

Thank you Chris for taking on this role even when it terrified you. Thank you for embodying this character, for not only portraying his ideals, thoughts, and behaviors so perfectly, but for adopting them and working towards being a better man. 

I’ll always believe we deserve a more Steve central cap 3. Maybe one day we’ll get that.

But for now, I just wanted to say, Captain America won’t disappear even if Chris is done playing Cap. Even if someone reprises the role, there’s only ever going to be one Cap. Chris is an iconic Steve Rogers. Even if A4 is the last time we see him on screen, he has a place in our hearts that ensures his legacy, his love, his story will always be there. 

That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb and too brave not to run away from a fight, I’ll follow him forever. 

Thank you Chris Evans for being our Captain. Thank you for bringing Steve Rogers to life. 

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