Drawing Chris Evans event =D



Ok, Ok, so. 

I suggested earlier, that I, and every other artist who wanted to participate, would create an artwork based on the same reference photo.

Somehow, it happened to be a Chris Evans photo in particular.

I have chosen I picture out of those I have saved on my PC. I don’t own it, I just post it as a reference. 

Here is the picture, and some rules below:


You have unlimited time.

Use this picture, you can create anything you want, but it has to be clear that you used this portrait. I doesn’t have to be just Chris, you can make Captain America out of this one, you know, use your imagination!

You can make any type of art you want – make a drawing, painting, digital, traditional, make a sculpture (???), embroidery, ANYTHING seriously.

When you are finished, just reblog this post with your art under it, so you could tag it as you want on your blog, and so you could find other artists works in these reblogs, too. 

I will  reblog every single one you make =D I am so curious!

Let’s use a tag #drawingChrisEvansevent, ok?

*here I am just tagging those who already wanted to participate*
@the-first-refrain @drneverland @darthfar @seafoxfire @ozonecologne @yifera @mostly10

The next morning after.

Oh, that was a challenge. But I think I like this one.

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