bucky in fic: steve u asshole u could’ve been killed! what were u thinking? let me bandage u up and get u a nice cup of tea, i love u so much

actual bucky:

STEVE: To be used a weapon against your will…I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.


This keeps showing up on my dash and I have to reblog each time, because “U GONNA LEARN” never fails to make me lose my shit.

And that’s why they’re friends. While most people throughout Steve’s life probably looked down on him and said he couldn’t do things, Bucky knew and respected his limits but also his abilities. In TFA Bucky rescues Steve from the guy in the alley, but the moment he sees he is okay, that’s it. I totally believe if Steve was seriously sick/hurt Bucky would take care of him, but Steve wouldn’t have stood for someone who mollycoddled him all the time. And here, Steve is big as a house, and fights bad guys for a living, Bucky knows being thrown around a little is not gonna hurt him.

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