Oh so you think Steve Rogers, who grew up during the Great Depression & Also fought in WW2, doesn’t have a fatalistic sense of humour that rivals that of the most hardened Gen Z teen? Hah okay then

Peter Parker, after failing his Spanish assessment: Lol when will death befall me

The rest of the Avengers: Ohmygod Peter honey it’s okay it’ll get better I promise please don’t say things like that you’re gonna be okay-

Steve, high-fiving him: We can only pray the reaper will arrive early for his appointment with us kid

The first conversation they ever have is when they both have breakfast at the Avengers Tower. Steve burns his toast & he just looks at the wall and declares, completely deadpan, “There is literally No Point to existence At All’ and then on the other side of the room he hears the instant response of “oh mood” which is basically the story of how Peter Parker & Steve Rogers bonded for life.

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