I love meeting older people in fandom.


i’m talking 30+, 40+ y’all are awesome! so many of you have been through so many fandoms. like, when i meet older voltron fans, it’s like WOW! you were around and watching the first time voltron aired! that’s so cool! so many of them are such talented writers who know the importance of Ao3 having been through livejournal and ff.net and all that stuff from before i was a part of fandom. some even from the days when zines were made by hand! like, wow! yet, so many of them are apprehensive to tell me their age at first due to judgment, but it’s like, no! you are so welcome here! you literally are part of why we have what we have today. lets talk! bestow your fandom wisdom unto me! let’s talk about favorite character and all our ships! so what if you’re older than me? we’re all fans!

i don’t understand ageism in fandom at all, they’re just people.. who have been doing this longer than you. and that’s awesome. like meeting people who grew up stanning star wars when it was first released? that is so freaking cool! veteran nerds. they are the folk who laid out what fandom has become today, and they belong in fandom spaces so hard. so remember to respect your fandom elders.

dear older fandom nerds: you rock!

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