@thelittleblackfox says I need to start posting my art :). So here is some
from my upcoming fic –

Love Among the Ruins, canon-verse spooky-Sleeping-Beauty Stucky with historically-accurate psychiatric
dread, featuring angst, mystery, and anguished sex in ex-Soviet black
ops sites. 🙂 

Let me know if it appeals to anyone! I could tag you when it’s out. 🙂  

tangling fingers in Bucky’s hair to grip him even closer, making the kiss
deeper, and Bucky’s responding with everything he has. Words aren’t enough, but
he says them too, says them for the very first time. “I love you,” whispers it
against Steve’s lips, “I love you,” against his neck, against his leaping
pulse, “I love you,” desperate, into his mouth.


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