Alternate Universe Bingo Cards


Here are 10 premade cards that you can choose from, with various AUs. No two cards should be exactly alike. You can either copy/paste or save a card to put on your own blog (tag us please if you go this root, so other people can see and come back to us) or reblog this post. 

When posting art or fics please label as ‘AU Bingo Card #(insert number here), Square(trope here) So, for example AU Bingo Card 1, Square Hogwarts AU. Thanks in advance. 

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WE HAVE CREATED A FLUFF BINGO! @fluffbingo Is the official site we put up for it, this here is my card and I’m ready to start taking prompt off it any time! Oh, but I do have anons turned off still, but it won’t matter bc i wont be publishing anyone’s suggestions I’ll just mark them as “To Write Next”

Feel free to join in the fun, we wanna spread the love~