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I fell into batman again q__q

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bruce wayne maintains a presence on all conspiracy theory boards with the screen name BruceWayneIsTheBatman and all his posts have titles like “BRUCE WAINE IS BAT-MAN INDISPUTABLE PROOF” and it’s just a picture of Bruce Wayne from the back next to a picture of Batman from behind and they both have the contours of their butt drawn on in a shitty MSPaint red line (note: Bruce is in a suit and Batman has a cape, neither of their butts are clearly discernible) and the quote “THE BUTTS MATCH!!! THE FACTS DON’T LIE!!!!!” and he makes at least three of these posts a day, and “Bruce Wayne is the Batman” becomes a meme a la “Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer” and he gets asked about it on a talk show and he laughs uproariously at the idea and Stephen Colbert just HAPPENS to have a batman mask under the desk and they do a bit together where Bruce Wayne puts on the mask and walks around saying things like “excuse me, bank robbers, can I perhaps offer you some money to stop you robbing this bank?” and “I say, cease and desist your criminal behavior or I’ll have my butler ask you to leave” and the audience is LOSING THEIR MINDS laughing at the idea of this pampered rich guy taking on the Joker on a bi-weekly basis and then anyone who suggests “Bruce Wayne is Batman” in earnest gets met with mocking “oh man do the butts match” comments









Hi, Clair. I’d like to come in and talk with you. Would that be all right?

This is the Batman we need to see more often. The one who remembers what it was like to be a scared child, one who knows how to handle situations delicately.

One of the reason why I love batman so much. He is portrayed as a very careful and guarded man. But he is probably the most human out of anyone. It’s why he is the knight that gotham deserves. 

Re: that last panel – 


Batman, when he’s written correctly, is an extremely compassionate person. 

I always feel the need to reblog this because it’s definitely something I feel was lost in the Nolan films. 

The thing about Bruce is he believes he is not a good man, but he is.

I wish they’d show this side of Batman in films. We know he can fight but what separated him for me was what he did outside of just beating bad guys up. He donated money, he visited foster homes frequently, he supported victims through trauma, and like the person above said, he was compassionate. That’s what made Batman more than just another crime fighting hero to me

Shit, I wish they’d show this side in rebirth. Sigh.


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