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Trying to write 27 school reports. I will appreciate motivation in the form of cheerleading, gifs of Hawkeye and ficlets about Cap hating paperwork ❤️

“We never had to do paperwork in the war, you know.” 

Cap’s grumbling, while perhaps justified, was also hilarious; maybe it was just that they’d all been in the conference room for hours, filling out belated after-actions because Hill had finally Had Enough, but something about Steve grumbling that things had been easier In His Day struck Clint as hilarious. 

He tried to stifle a laugh, but it was rough; a second later Steve continued, “Not that we could have if we’d wanted to, it was hard to get a working damn pen what with rationing.”

Clint wheezed,very softly, trying to contain it.

“And DumDum hoarded pencils like they were going to be his postwar pension,” Steve finished, with grim vindictiveness and an extra-hard jot of his pen. 

Clint lost it; first a giggle, then a full-blown laugh, and then Natasha went “ahahaSNORT” and both of them lost it.

By the time Clint was wiping his eyes, the laughing fit over, Steve was looking triumphant; he pointed at Clint and Natasha, then at the clock, looking at Bucky the whole time. Bucky rolled his eyes and waved a hand in some kind of defeat, and Steve stood up, carried his paperwork over to Bucky, and dropped it in a heap in front of him. 

“What was that all about?” Clint managed, as Bucky pulled the paperwork over and Steve walked out the door. 

“We had a bet. If he could get Natasha to snortlaugh in the first four hours he won,” Bucky said. “Thanks, by the way.”

“No problem,” Clint replied, while Natasha looked annoyed. “Wait, he won you doing all his paperwork? Can we make that bet next time?”

“No, you know all you have to do is shove a pencil up your nose,” Bucky replied. Natasha made a little snorting laugh. “See?”

“Unfair to all concerned,” Clint announced. 

“Joke’s on him, actually,” Bucky said. “In about ten minutes he’ll start feeling bad he saddled me with all this and go buy me one’a them frozen chocolate drinks from the donut place.” 

“Yeah, but you still have to do all his paperwork.”

“Pfft.” Bucky rolled his eyes again. “We never had to do paperwork in the war,” he mimicked Steve. “Of course we had to do paperwork in the war, he just always shoved it off on me and then his super soldier brain wrote it out of existence.”

“Seems unkind to you,” Bruce put in, from behind his own stack of paperwork.

“Well, I didn’t mind it, and it meant it got done,” Bucky said philosophically. “Plus I kept a pen chained to my body at all times so the joke was I was the only literate fella in the 107th. Anyway, I put a bunch of jokes in to keep me entertained.” 

“You put jokes in your World War 2 after-action paperwork?” Clint asked.

“Can you think of a better place?” Bucky asked. “Hey, knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Nazi who?”

“Hitler did nazi us coming,” Bucky said, deadpan, and pulled the first sheet of Steve’s paperwork off the pile. With perfect timing, Steve returned.

“I got you one’a them frozen chocolate things from the donut shop,” he announced. 

Natasha snortlaughed so loud it startled Tony, who had been sleeping while pretending to work on a StarkPad. 

OMG SAM ♥️ you’re the literal best, I just finished number 27 and found this. May the image of Steve avoiding paperwork and Clint sticking pencils up his nose live forever.




Gosh this is a pretty flamboyant color scheme



Recruiting 101 by Clint Barton 


Clinton Francis Barton is an EXTRAORDINARY HERO don’t you dare forget that!




The banter between Barnes and Barton in Tales of Suspense is fucking flawless.

A limited run is not enough!!!

I can’t fucking get enough of these two.










Best visual representation of functional depression I’ve ever seen. You go to work, do the things that people expect you to do, then come home and just… blank out. Microwave is your best friend. Cleaning makes no sense. Drinking helps a little, sometimes. Every evening is the same. Nothing ever changes except the amout of trash waiting to be thrown out.

This is why I loved Fraction’s Barton. Clint’s very visible depression gave me a hook that I could suddenly relate to. I’ve been where Clint was. It sucked. But seeing Clint keep going kind of gave me hope.

is… is that what that is?

fuck, that explains everything

There’s a million reasons to love Fraction’s Clint Barton, but the way he is visibly but quietly struggling with mental issues is one of them.