The Titans cast were harassed on online for months after that badly edited trailer, and now Titans reviews are pouring in and suprisingly, they’re overwhelmingly positive.

Furthermore, after people complained about Starfire’s darker skin and called her a “cheap hooker” for months (causing the actress, Anna Diop, to have to turn off her instagram comments), she’s been praised as one of the best characters on the show.



This was funnier in my head. 

If this was funnier in your head I have no idea how you’re still alive because I’m fucking dying.


 Batman by Color Reaper.


Detective Comics #971


Variety’s Top 10 Shots of 2017 — #1: “WONDER WOMAN”

“This was one of the first sequences I jumped into on prep, and this
was always one of the key images. It’s representative of Wonder Woman’s
power and influence. She’s able, with her strength and determination,
to reach the Germans at a stalemate when they’re trying to overwhelm
her. I don’t think any of us anticipated the emotional reaction the
movie would set in motion. We wanted to talk about heroism and choosing
love and a belief in humanity as a new stance for a superhero. The
subtext is because it hit the world at the right time.”
— Director of Photography Matthew Jensen


And, uhm, I’can’t be here.


I can save today, you can save the world.

Wonder Woman (2017), dir. Patty Jenkins


The whole bank? It’s like a reflex with me, I don’t know. 



I can’t believe it’s taken movies this long to realize one woman could be both of these things. (gif sources: @dceumovies and @cartersharon)

this is literally James Cameron’s nightmare. hahahaha