It’s almost too much to be a coincidence. 


somebody wanted deadpool on that unicorn from the movie


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me: * tried to study Monet*
brain: why don’t you draw Deadpool
me: ??????

now available here


Apparently the artist is Ralph Andres and he’s Filipino!





deadpool is honestly more wholesome than any of the mcu movies


ok so

  • Doesn’t straightwash queer characters! this was a big one. (marvel movies have a huge problem with straightwashing*)
  • Deadpool is canonically pansexual, and the movies reflect this! Reynolds doesn’t shy away at all from Deadpool’s sexual interest in men.   
    • (head injuries bring out deadpool’s romantic sexy feelings it seems. in the first movie, knife to the head = romantic montage with vanessa. in the sequel, fencepost to the head = deadpool sensually trying to go down on Colossus.) 
    • (semi-related, both movies have some cute references to deadpool enjoying being on the receiving end in the bedroom.)
    • (yeah, it’s canon, Deadpool enjoys being pegged)
  • Oh hey, a healthy romantic relationship based on mutual respect and love! and with a fully developed female character with personal agency! A love interest who doesn’t just function as a plot device. 
  • POLAR OPPOSITE OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This really shines through in their marketing
    • (yes that pillows says “FEMINIST”) 
    • (yes that is deadpool in heels dancing to celine dion)
  • Diverse casting! Characters who are poc just because poc exist! 
  • Hey look, a cute lesbian couple treated with respect and one of them’s asian!
  •  Holy crap i don’t say this enough but i love Domino. What a badass. Sexy-but-not-sexualized black female action hero who is probably the coolest person in the movie
  • Deadpool 2 took a run-of-the-mill white character design and made her interesting! 
  • Her trademark eye patch is now vitiligo! She has awesome natural hair. And look, body hair exists! On a person who is a woman! Which shouldn’t be unusual, but here we are. Also, she’s fun
  • Portrayed by the talented Zazie Beetz. Did I mention how much i love this character?
  • Oh look, another much improved character design!
  • We’ve got your humdrum blondie cleft-chin stereotype replaced with a heavyset maori teen actor (Julian Dennison, who incidentally was in Taika Waititi’s indie movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople).
  • Overall themes: The movies have a lot of dirty humor and innuendo. But the overall takeaway is actually pretty sentimental. The Deadpool 2 themes in particular gets to me: 
    • Ending the cycle of abuse. Not repeating the mistakes of the previous generation. “Kids give us a chance of being better than we used to be.” 
    • The loss and recovery of family. Accepting friendship in the midst of tragedy. See also: Cable’s story arc. 
    • Letting go of loss and bitterness to try to save a child who’s been abandoned by the world. 
  • I’m honestly so excited about the choices the director & producers have been making for this franchise. They’re setting the narrative standard for modern superhero films. Can’t wait to see what the next movie has in store. 

*see more on straightwashing in the mcu below

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let’s not forget this trivia: 

Zazie Beetz chose to not shave her underarms to portray the character, and they just rolled with it. so she’s even more awesome now.


what am I even doing anymore


Okay I know this isn’t what happened, but hear me out-

If you don’t have a pole dancing Deadpool in your blog that’s fine


but deep down we all know we need one