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how dare you not to notice me when i’m ignoring you

Was this ghostwritten by a cat or



The Graphic, England, January 21, 1928



Wild / Old God sighting.

Everytime the internet shows me a picture of a moose next to a car i still can never comprehend how stupid big they are

When I lived in Colorado Springs, lo, these many years ago, a bull moose decided that the bit of I-25 that ran between the Springs and Denver was his territory, and he started getting pissy with the cars on the Interstate during mating season. This was obviously an issue, given the sheer mass of a moose, especially an angry male moose who thought your Honda Civic was competing with him for the ladies. The authorities finally tranquilized him and moved him somewhere where there were fewer cars and more opportunities for love. You know, like moose night clubs and moose personal ads and moose speed dating and moose anger management classes.







The true lesson of Homestuck is that if you want your alien OCs to become popular, provide one (1) suggestively bizarre detail about their reproductive biology and adamantly refuse to elaborate.

and the lord of the rings. tolkien invented whole languages and cultures and mythologies and histories, and the staggering enormity of the worldbuilding tolkein accomplished is only ever hinted at in the actual corpus of the lord of the rings, but he never wrote down the elf words for cock and balls

Amusingly, that’s only half right. While Tolkien never wrote down the elvish words for “testicles”, he did come up with elvish words for “penis”. The terms appear only in his early lexicons and are not repeated later, so they’re not guaranteed to be compatible with the versions of elvish that actually made it into the books, but the words do exist.

It’d be puntl in Quenya and gwib in proto-Sindarin, incidentally.

elves don’t have testicles

This actually brings up an interesting point. Humans only have testicles because our body temperature is too hot to allow sperm to live inside the body. So if elves have a lower body temperature, which it is slightly suggested as they don’t feel the cold the way men do, it’s entirely possible that elves, in fact, do not have testicles, cause they don’t need them.

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