Do have any tips for writing the first chapter? I’m the type of person where I have to start with the first chapter and work myself through, but I just can’t seem to start the first chapter, I can’t even start the first sentence! Please help


I definitely have some tips for you! I have a few here from before, but I’ll include some others.

1) Describe a feeling. If you start off telling us how your main character feels, we’ll be more attuned to their emotions and may care about them more off the bat. Describing the feeling and then the situation at hand, we’ll get to know about who your MC as well as the sort of world they’re living in. It likely won’t take up too much space throughout the chapter, but it’s a start and can branch off into a variety of paths.

2) Consider opening in medias res. Latin for into the middle of things,” this literary device is most commonly known for its use in The Odyssey. With this sort of opening, you begin in the middle of an eventful scene and circle your way back later on to explain what led up to get there. It’ll make the beginning of your story eventful, and works most often in more action-based or dramatic stories.

3) Remember there’s always editing. No matter what you do write, it isn’t too important. You can always go back and change things with editing. Just take a breath, okay? If you have an idea of what to write but not how to write it, you can always make a note between bits of text that say things such as: [X action occurs and Character A responds in X way.] You can always change this later. It’s the beginning, and it’s okay to feel a little lost.