More overthinking video games: what kind of insufferable weenie names his cat “Dark Nation”?

@downtroddendeity replied:

I double-checked a wiki and it’s not even a weird translation. It’s
written in katakana. So Japanese!Rufus named his cat “Dark Nation” IN
ENGLISH, which is arguably even more insufferable.

I’d expect nothing less from a guy who wears a suit jacket over his trenchcoat.


Can I say how much I appreciate that Dungeons & Dragons has a damage type specifically for emotional wounds?





Once you realise that a game’s worth is not in its perfection, but in your own enjoyment level, then you’re going to have a lot more fun playing video games

Ok, this goes into some research I read on the different types of gamers.

They are:

Killers- Think your competitive types, they’re going to be playing games like Modern Warfare, Halo, and other competitive games. They get enjoyment by winning over their opponent.

Achievers- Going for the 100% route, trying to get the high score, etc. Think any game with increasing difficulty and esoteric achievements. They play games to try to achieve perfection within the game.

Explorers- They just want to explore the game- think more storytelling or immersive experiences, etc. They enjoy gaming because it allows them to escape and engage in a world and really take it all in.

Socializers- Found more in MMOs, where there can be real community building, they play games to meet and work with other people.

Killers and Achievers tend to be a lot holier than thou, but they’re all valid, so long as you’re having fun in your own way.

This is by far the best addition to this post, thank you for the analysis! I honestly didnt know about these different types, it’s really interesting!

They forgot the:

Builders – Build and grow things for the joy of watching things be built and grow.