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I think it’s about time we realize that Mythology Loki, Comics Loki and MCU Loki are at this point three different people.







MCU Loki may have his roots based on the Comics Loki but, right from the beginning he went a different path. 

That’s what I’m always saying. Praise your words. But there’ll always be many people pissed about MCU Loki not being exactly like the other two versions. The hardest is they mix their connections with actual canon stuff and mock you for not acknowledging it. MCU Loki is inspired by the comics and Norse Mythology – not an exact copy of them.

Please, MCU Loki is a version of his own.

They’ve always been different people. I keep wondering how people don’t know this. I will deliberately search for MCU fanfiction with Loki and then find myself reading some bizarre hybridization of MCU, comics and Norse mythology. Which may be well written, but should be labeled as a crossover…or something. These things are not interchangeable.

My biggest pet peeve is probably the use of the word “norns” as an exclamation. This word has never been uttered once in the MCU. It may have been used in the comics st some point? I can’t say for sure. The norns are the fates in Norse mythology. Which is cool and interesting. But I have no idea how it became a thing for MCU Loki to say.

Second runner up of pet peeves is probably MCU Loki having bright green eyes. Tom Hiddleston has blue eyes. They might have a hint of green in the right light. But they’ve never been referenced as being green, let alone Crayola green, at any point by the MCU. Another fan made thing. What’s odd about that one is that even some comic book versions of Loki have blue eyes.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things. But again…they are not interchangeable.

Just a little comment for the eye color thing: if I remember correctly, Loki had green eyes in the first Thor movie. I’m tired, so I might be wrong, but I think they just got lazy after and couldn’t be bothered with it in the next movies.

Much like with his eyebrow grooming, lol.

I just have to weigh in on this, as the local loudest Lokean in fandom lol

While it doesn’t annoy me when people mix the characteristics or have things like ‘norns’ be an expression–because fanon and fics and such are transformative and I mean I think it’s creative to make up/introduce things that canon didn’t touch on or had no need to touch on–what DOES annoy me is that thing about people getting elitist about the mythology when it comes to MCU Loki etc. MCU is based on comics which is VERY loosely based on myth Loki. Basically they just share a name, that’s how different they are to me.

And it’s because of that that I hate how norse paganism at least on Tumblr and other places online has become this thing where the attitude a lot of people have makes you feel like you must constantly point out you’re NOT PAGAN BECAUSE OF THE MCU LOKI If anything it’s the other way around, I like Loki as a character and he drew my attention because myth Loki was my first love ok and I have to poke my head in and explore pretty much anything with his name on it

Disclaimer: There ARE plenty of babby Lokeans and Norse pagans that discovered the path because of mcu Loki. Nothing inherently wrong with that! At least to me. Like I already implied, there are people who will jump down your throat about that too. And there WAS a huge boom in Lokean/Norse activity directly after the first Thor movie and it’s only gotten bigger and bigger. No denying that. I suspect that this is the reason why you will find so many ‘crossover’ like fics because people really are blending them since that’s how they got into the myth version in the first place. What I don’t like is the ASSUMPTION though, especially (read, almost exclusively) placed on young women, that there’s no way they’re REALLY into myth Loki or REALLY switched religions, they’re just in because Hiddles is pretty. Even if that’s how someone got into it, that’s no one’s business to judge if someone is ‘for real’ or not and I remind myself of that too when I catch myself feeling judgmental or protective/gatekeep-y. That’s no way to be. If someone isn’t really into it then eventually they’ll move on. It’s not hurting anyone. Besides, I’m pretty sure Loke adores the revived attention 😉

Another bonus is that while there was–and still kinda is–an assumption that norse paganism has racist undertones and is ‘only for white people’ etc stuff like that, now the demographic is changing. And I really do credit the presence of Norse (and other mythologies too) gods in pop culture for helping to change that perception and force those gross people to the side a bit. 




You ever think about how Mjolnir was the physical manifestation of Loki’s entire inferiority complex and how now that she’s gone he can feel on equal footing with Thor for the first time in centuries?

Do you also ever think about how Loki watched this very real and tangible symbol of strength that he had never been able to budge even a little bit just casually shattered by Hela and how it made him freak the fuck out?

Oh, like how, now that Thor’s powers come from himself instead of from a specific weapon, they don’t feel like objective measures of fundamental worth anymore? Because now they’re cool, unique Thor Things, just like Loki’s powers are cool, unique Loki Things – different but not better or worse? 

And how Mjolnir can’t be the definitive measure of strength that it seemed to be if Hela was able to shatter it? And since Thor and Loki together could beat Hela, it means that power can’t be defined as rigidly as it seemed like it could when Thor’s power was concentrated externally?

Yeah I think about that sometimes 









I feel like this entire phenomenon of “SHUT UP LOKI NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOU”, besides the sort of mean chuckle at his expense that makes me feel guilty, is fascinating. With giant angst potential that explains a lot about how Loki looks at himself and why he snaps.

No, seriously. Imagine that this sort of thing has been going on for hundreds or thousands of years. Whenever Loki opens his mouth to speak, or share an opinion, or make a suggestion, or voice an objection, there’s a good chance he’ll basically get told he’s insignificant or irrelevant or reprehensible or just flat out wrong. Stop talking. Yeah, he’s a manipulative little shit, but seriously. His words are his biggest source of power. He’s not an up front fighter—his forte lies through persuasion and the ability to reason people into the decisions that suit him. And he’s perpetually being told “YOUR ABILITIES ARE WORTHLESS, GTFO WE DON’T WANT YOU”. So even the thing he thought he was good at is being undermined.

Extra bonus points if you incorporate canon mythology and the “sew his lips up” punishment. I mean just DAMN. Physical pain and the approval of his father in that sentence aside, that literally, physically denies his right to assert or defend himself. He completely loses his voice. He’s basically having it hammered home that people would rather not hear him at all, would rather pretend he’s not there, and he can’t even count on his family to disagree.

It’s just unbelievably fucked up.

SHIT. I hadn’t consciously made the connection between the fact that Loki is always overlooked and ignored when he speaks and the fact that he’s put in that muzzle at the end of Avengers. I always thought that bit was a link to the bit from Norse mythology where he had his mouth sewn up as punishment for teasing some dude (details elude me right now). But this. This makes sense. And makes so many more feels. It’s like the ultimate insult to him.


No wonder he turned out the way he is. He was already an outsider in his family before he had even discovered that he was adopted. 

And Jane never hears this side of the story. She never gets to hear how much Loki was made an outcast by his own father.

And Loki dearly needs to just shout and express how much Odin really hurt him. Everything was done without his permission or consent.

And yet…

And yet…

He still came back for Asgard’s people. Yet, he still gave up his life so Thor could live. The love, determination, and loyalty that Loki has in his heart shines as brightly as the star he was named after.

Why do I come over new depressing Loki facts/really good theories every day?

Why do I get punished like this for only loving a character??

His story in the mcu only gets more hurting it makes me wonder if he’s ever truly been happy

It makes it even sadder if you stop to think that Frigga would have been the only one to truely value Loki’s opinions and thoughts and cleverness because she knew that side of him. Afterall she would of been with him for many hours alone in order to share and teach him her magic. That almost makes the fact that Loki feels responsible for her death even worse. He lost the one person he knew understood him.

What makes me even sadder is that while Frigga was closest to him, and should have understood him, she also failed to recognize his inner turmoil, and gaslighted him in favor of defending Odin and Thor. She never acknowledged his feelings or pov as valid in any way.




I had the privilege of donning Captain America’s costume. I’m pleased to say it fit like a glove. (laughs)

Chris Evans – I take my hat off to him. He was so game. I put his costume on and I did a crude impression of Captain America and then later, he watched me do it. And so that performance that you see, is Chris Evans doing an impression of me doing an impression of him.

Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World Commentary

I love this so much and I really wish we had something similar for the Odin-Loki scene in Ragnarok. 

Oh wow!  I had wondered which had come first! 


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