The story of Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero

The story of Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero


Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee



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I’m actually really curious what would you say are Steve’s core characteristics? I’m honestly not sure what I think that they are because a lot of my thoughts on Steve are tied up with how he interacts with other people. But who is Steve? What would you are say are his major values? What are his flaws? 

Bewared – a lot of this comes from YEARS and YEARS of comics.

First of all Cap is DETERMINED.  He never gives up, he always stands up. It really
is Steve’s actual super power, his absolute refusal to ever call it quits.

He’s a good man.  No
REALLY, he is.  One time, Magneto tried
to erase his mind of all prejudice towards Mutants – only to find out that Cap
didn’t have ANY towards mutants or anybody else. Steve is dedicated to his morals
and ideals. He personified “Honor Before Reason” and because of this he’s
ALWAYS been seen as the moral center of the Marvel Comics Universe.  (See “The Ballad of Captain America’s
Disapproving Face” by the Murder Ballads. “If you can’t tell the
Captain what you’re damn well up to, then don’t damn well get up to it at all!”

As has been noted by MANY, he’s Neutral Good since he puts
“good” above “law”, and he defends American ideals more than
American laws. He’s “loyal only to the dream”!

He’s extremely team oriented – though he’s invariably the team
leader (more on that later) of any team he is part of, he treats them more like his family and it’s known to one all and all that he NEVER leaves a team member behind.  He’ll put the mission first but he always comes back for those left behind.  The rescue of Team Cap from the Raft was CLASSIC Cap behavior.

He’s always a gentleman, usually humble, invariably kind and

He is the undisputed, tactical genius of the Marvel
Universe.  And the DC universe for that
matter.  In the Avengers/JLA cross-over
event, Captain America was nominated by SUPERMAN to command the all of the
heroes of both universes. Using Martian
Manhunter’s telepathic mindlink , he organized and lead the ENTIRE combined
force, turning them into a well-honed, fighting machine  – and he made it look easy.   Thus demonstrating why Captain America is
still one of the greatest Team Leaders ever.

His faults come from many of his strengths, he’s EXTREMELY stubborn,
he never let’s ANYTHING go – long past when he should. He cannot compromise in any way, shape  or form – not even when the fate of the world
hangs in the balance, and “honor before reason” is all too often “death before
dishonor” too. 

If I may also add another reason Steve is so great is that he sees the world, the good and the bad.

He isn’t as naive as many people think he is.

So he sees what’s wrong with the world and rather then let the bad wear him down or turn him cynical he keeps standing back up. His persevence in the face of negative stuff is really admirable.




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