I’ve seen a lot of people on my dash who are justifiably upset with some of Tumblr’s recent changes (argh, reply function gone, argh argh) and talking about moving to another site. This is a good thing (and also more or less inevitable at some point; fandom activity never stays in one place forever, or else we’d all still be on like, Usenet*).

But one thing I will say, for those of you who have not lived through a fannish migration or six, is that fandoms don’t jump in an organized or coherent way. It tends to be a trickle, not a dam burst. So for instance, almost ten years ago now (yikes, can it really have been that long?) there was Strikethrough on Livejournal, which is a long story that doesn’t bear getting into right now but the short form is that LJ made enemies of a lot of fans. And there were various attempts to jump to InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal and a bunch of other LJ clones, but they mostly didn’t ‘take.’  Dreamwidth, when it came along a couple of years later, did better at attracting people (and does have a comparatively small but active user base–and specific communities, like certain RP comms, did make an organized jump, but they were actual communities and not an amorphous blob the way ‘Dragon Age fandom,’ say, is an amorphous blob), but the thing that actually finally dragged a ton of fannish activity away from LJ seems to have been Tumblr–not any of the “like LJ but different/better” alternatives that people were floating and promoting, but something entirely different.

The main thing is that communities or groups of friends may coordinate a move together, but fandoms in a larger sense are about as coordinate-able as a bunch of cats.  And also, the place they end up going generally isn’t “like X but better” but a whole new Y (mailing lists to bboards to LJ to Tumblr, just to name a few–and each of those changed the “shape” of the fandoms within it quite a bit).

The reason I am saying this is not to discourage people from seeking out alternatives, but to say: fandom is going to move, if not now then at some point, but it ain’t going to happen in a way that necessarily makes a lot of sense from the outside. Like a bunch of cats, we’re going to wander around for a bit and then land somewhere and pretend we did it on purpose. And it’s easy to lose track of people when that happens. So my advice is: let people who you care about not losing track of know where to find you and how to keep up with you, whether it’s a new site or even just “hey, here’s my email, let’s stay in touch.” I have friends from old, old fannish days, who never ended up on Tumblr, but we still occasionally send each other a silly link or something… and who knows, maybe when fandom saunters catlike over to something new, we’ll reconnect there.

* – Inevitably when I say something like this someone feels obliged to note that they are still on, e.g., Usenet. And it’s true that Usenet still sees activity. But I think it’s safe to say that fannish activity is not there in the way that it was in, for instance, the early 90s.

This post was from 3 years ago, but it’s still holds true. I’ve managed to find many muturals after my old account was deleted, but not everyone, like smaller blogs in fandoms I don’t frequent often or ones with long, hard to pronounce names.

Get emails. Signal boost posts with people’s contact info so if the original blog goes dark that others can find them. There’s a good account called @find-me-at-x that’s doing the Good Fandom Lord’s work of boosting announcement posts and asks for missing blogs. I’d recommend following them if there’s someone you’re trying to find.

You can also put all your contact information on your AO3 profile page, and everyone can create a user page on Fanlore. 

Important about the Tumblr “Purge”


Tumblr has made and official statement on twitter about what’s going on:

We’re committed to helping build a safe online environment for all users, and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to media featuring child sexual exploitation and abuse. As this is an industry-wide problem, we work collaboratively with our industry peers and partners like NCMEC to actively monitor content uploaded to the platform. Every image uploaded to Tumblr is scanned against an industry database of known child sexual abuse material, and images that are detected never reach the platform. A routine audit discovered content on our platform that had not yet been included in the industry database. We immediately removed this content. Content safeguards are a challenging aspect of operating scaled platforms. We’re continuously assessing further steps we can take to improve and there is no higher priority for our team.

Please please please, for the love of everything, stop spreading fear in our community. They are not purging your blogs for having NSFW content. If your blog gets deleted and you didn’t have any of the above mentioned content, or something that could be percived as such, then please contact Tumblr Support to regain your blog. They can be contacted via the form here.

Please reblog so people stop spreading false information and cause unnecesary fear.

Alternate Universe Bingo Cards


Here are 10 premade cards that you can choose from, with various AUs. No two cards should be exactly alike. You can either copy/paste or save a card to put on your own blog (tag us please if you go this root, so other people can see and come back to us) or reblog this post. 

When posting art or fics please label as ‘AU Bingo Card #(insert number here), Square(trope here) So, for example AU Bingo Card 1, Square Hogwarts AU. Thanks in advance. 

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LoganBucky Fest 18 – Prizes!


LoganBucky Fest 18 – 

Participants who complete all four themed prompts in November (see info here!) will receive a free and exclusive LoganBucky print, pictured above. We’ll also throw in a couple of the stickers, also pictured above. 

(My photography doesn’t do them justice! The arts are gorgeous! Banner by crow-sizna, Logan & Bucky design by jingucci.)

There’s still time to enter LoganBucky Fest 18 – just send a DM or Ask to this blog with your sign up name. You can join right up until posting starts, which is on Nov 8th.


Week 1 (Theme: First Meetings) posting begins: Nov 8th

Week 2 (Theme: Canon, Crossovers, Missions) posting begins: Nov 15th

Week 3 (Theme: No Powers au) posting begins: Nov 22nd

Week 4 (Theme: Established Couple) posting begins: Nov 29th**

*Amendment to show correct date, as original post had a typo.  

Any questions please send a DM here, or join us for a chat on our Slack channel.

We can’t wait to see what LoganBucky content you’ll share with us! Remember, once you’ve signed up, you can contribute to the themed prompts via any of the following: fanfic, fan art, fan edits/moodboards, drabbles or headcanons. 

Please tag us at @hellyeahloganbucky so we can reblog your posts! 

Full info on how to join right here.

-LoganBucky mods.


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This Blog Is Unrepentantly Pro- AO3!


This blogger remembers when we didn’t have AO3.

This blogger remembers when we had to put disclaimers at the head of our fics and pray that someone didn’t take it into their heads to sue us for what we created.

This blogger remembers brilliant artists and writers getting decades of work obliterated on LJ because someone who wanted to tell people what they were allowed to create went running to someone who wanted a profit, and told them the artists and writers had been naughty.

This blogger remembers just how hard the creators of AO3 worked to build the thing we all seem to take for granted now.

This blogger watched friends dive into the creation process so heartily and determinedly that they all but disappeared from the writing/gaming/artistic side of their fandom for YEARS while they worked to make the archive happen.

This blogger remembers the sense of giddy wonder that there would possibly be LAWYERS involved, willing to defend our right to create these works, and not leave us hanging at the mercy of corporate legal teams.

This blogger is aware that she reads between twenty to fifty books’ worth of material every year on AO3, and is never REQUIRED to pay a penny for the privilege of getting access.

This blogger is aware that she will not ever see advertisements on AO3, and that her personal data and reading preferences won’t be sold to advertisers in order to raise the money that AO3 needs to pay for the services they provide.

This blogger is aware that AO3 is, and has always been, a labor of love; by fans, for fans, and not for profiting off fans – and this is what makes it unique in the whole of the media universe.

This blogger has NEVER taken AO3 for granted, and has ALWAYS been damned glad to have access to it.  Even in years when this blogger didn’t have the means to support it financially.


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People are protesting that we must boycott the film Bohemian Rhapsody because, and I quote, “the trailer erases Mercury’s homosexuality by having him flirt with a woman and whitewashes him!” Which is funny, because these people are basically erasing Freddie Mercury’s bisexuality and his relationship with Mary Austin and whitewashing Rami Malek at the same time in order to back their shitty excuse of an argument.

Now, repeat with me:

Freddie Mercury wasn’t gay, he was bisexual. Rami Malek is Egyptian.

Freddie Mercury wasn’t gay, he was

bisexual. Rami Malek is Egyptian.

Freddie Mercury wasn’t gay, he was

bisexual. Rami Malek is Egyptian.

Freddie Mercury wasn’t gay, he was

bisexual. Rami Malek is Egyptian.

This has been a PSA.

Please don’t boycott this movie, my dad worked on it and said that Brian May was talking to him and saying that he was so happy that they were true to how Freddie was and how Rami was doing an exceptional job at portraying him

I will be *front and center* for this movie on opening night.  SO HYPE!










Why are people still up in arms about AO3 needing donations to run? Their budget is publicly available. You can go onto the website, right now, and read it. If you donate more than a certain amount (pretty sure it’s more than $10), you can vote in their elections, because you’re considered a member, and that’s how memberships work.

It’s a free site to use, but not to run or to maintain, especially not with all these net neutrality battles.

Here’s a list of the OTW’s projects.

Here’s its Terms of Service.

Y’all gotta understand that it’s not just fanworks, there’s a lot more that goes into archiving.

Signal boosting this because it’s important af. OTW is a nonprofit organization, specifically a public charity as classified by the US tax code. That means they file a 990 tax report each year that lets you see all of their finances – what they’re spending money on, where their money comes from, etc. You can see their 2016 990 here if you’re so inclined.

And if you’re not sure about how OTW is using their donations? Ask questions. Get involved. Even if you’re not comfortable with or not in a position to donate, there are lots of opportunities to give your time; it’s an all-volunteer organization that recruits regularly. I know for a fact that I get more value out of what OTW provides than most, if not all, my other paid services combined, so $10 to be a member is more than worth it.

ao3 is routinely used as an example of an excellent digital archive in library and information schools – they’re not just a fansite; they’re held in high regard by people across the industry. they run initiatives to preserve old fansites and groups, in addition to the day to day work of hosting all of our work ad-free to ensure maximum creative freedom. ao3 is not just a place to post your fic; it catalogues and preserves our history and culture.

$130,000 a year though?


So…Don’t donate and quit reading any fan fiction off their site if it bothers you so badly?

I don’t get it.

There are other sites out there but they mostly subsidize using ads.

Which particular part of the AO3 budget is it that you object to or would like to cut? Because honestly $130,000 a year is not a lot of money overall. It’s a pretty decent amount if you’re one person maybe, but overall? For an entire site? Not a lot. Not a business major or anything, but it’s not a lot.

And what are they asking for? Ten bucks?

Ten bucks is a fast food meal for two, or a half a movie. Not even a movie ticket. Like. It’s a month of Netflix if you’re cheap but own a television. Or two paperbacks if you buy secondhand but like hard copies. A single translated volume of manga. It’s a pound and a half of meat if you eat meat. Maybe three dozen eggs. Two big boxes of cereal…

It’s an amount you can lose out of your pocket and typically not find too crippling if you have steady work and a few bricks of ramen or a twenty pound bag of rice in the pantry for rough weeks, because a rough week here or there is an inevitability.

Ten bucks.

For a year of fan fiction.

If you feel like being nice and/or have the budget to do so.

For a site that literally has to lay out its budget plan so you can see where the funds are going.

For a site that you already use and enjoy.

…Why is this the hill some of you want to die on?

What am I missing here?

Do you people have any idea how much it costs to just host the fucking fanfic? How much server fees are? How much backup fees are? The amount of data that the OTW has to preserve through fire, flood, and computer failure? How expensive all that equipment is? The money is for buying massive amounts of server space in multiple redundant geographic locations, plus for paying the server companies’ employees to maintain the fucking things. As these things go, $130,000 is a laughably low cost for all that.

you don’t have to donate if you simply don’t got the money, but if you actively speak out against donating, i have news for you: you’re at best an idiot and at worst an asshole and in either case should not be allowed to read any more fanfiction from ao3. Go back to ff.net.

Look, I’ll be honest.  I am not going back to FF.net.  I am not archiving my stuff on this hellsite. And some of you are so used to getting stuff for free that you forget that things cost money.  

Let me repeat that: THINGS COST MONEY.  

AO3 provides a safe, stable, intuitive and organized location to post fic, read fic, and basically interact with other fans and writers.  More than that, AO3 has been the only site I’ve EVER seen that exists to protect the rights of the writer.  This is the first site I’ve ever known that is dedicated to this idea that I can share my writing without constant fear that one whiny letter from a IP owner or godamn religious front ‘purity campaign’ will cause them to A. delete everything I’ve posted and B. give up all my personal information.

Because FF.net will sell you out in a New York minute.  LiveJournal folded like a wet newspaper in a typhoon.  Tumblr would delete my blog in an instant if it meant pleasing the assholes who keep jamming jump scare horror movie ads onto my dashboard.

AO3 exists to provide safe harbor for fan works, and let me tell you, if they want to take my twenty dollars and light it on FIRE IN THE LOBBY, I am perfectly happy with allowing them to do so.  And next year, I’ll give ‘em ANOTHER twenty dollars, because that’s webhosting for all of my trash fic for less than two dollars a month and if you think you can do better than that on the open market, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

Good luck.  Hope you enjoy your auto play banner ads.

reminder on reposting art


I continue to see my artwork reposted constantly without credit. I don’t know where this “credit to artist” thing came from but it is NOT APPROPRIATE CREDIT. If you don’t know where or who an image came from, don’t repost it. Please tell your friends not to repost it and explain that reposting quite literally hurts the livelihood of artists. Stop acting like artwork belongs to you just because you saw it and liked it.

Sites like pinterest and instagram have made it nearly impossible to submit copyright claims by requiring lengthy forms to be filled out on EACH ITERATION of EACH IMAGE. There’s no way I can find and submit claims on all the copies of my art which are cropped without my signature and reposted far and wide across the internet. It’s not your art. It’s as simple as that.

Got Slack?



Hello, dear followers!

Did you know HYBB has a Slack channel?

If you’re a bottom Bucky fan, are at least 18 yrs plus, and are interested in joining the chat group, send a DM to this blog!

Slack is a free and useful app for mobile/download for PC to chat on.

It is advisable to read the guidelines first if you have any questions!

(Also introducing one of the new HYBB new banner arts, by @gyrhs) 

More details for the HYBB group under the cut:

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