Splintered Winter Live Blogs TV*: DC Universe’s Titans, Season 1 Episode 1

* This is a randomness. I often compare things to burritos. Once I ate a doodlebug. This will be neither consistent nor thorough.

It’s already nicely dark. Good going DC! The light is so not there you can barely see the screen, and Raven’s face looks like a marshmallow. You can already tell something terrible is going to happen.

Wonder Woman was a one-off. Frank Miller created the Dark Knight, it was a hit, and we were all doomed.

Tights! Everyone’s in tights! Who doesn’t love tights combined with dark foreboding music? Certainly not me! Especially when those tights are falling to the ground in a bone-crunching crash!

Raven screams a lot and her mother wears a really bad wig.

Nightwing gets some funky fight music.

It’s like you’re in a video game boss fight.
He’s listening to vinyl in his industrial loft apartment. He’s a secret hipster.

It goes nicely with Raven’s baby goth look.

Raven’s look doesn’t work for her age or circumstance or anything. It’s more runway then runaway.

Ooh, upbeat disco music!
It’s Starfire!

And some blood!

Ooh, she’s pretty.
And she deserves this disco song.

She successfully hid in scrub woods with bright pink (red?) hair! That’s a superpower!

Kory Anders is her name. Is it a joke?
She likes herbs and spices.

Oh my burrito, she speaks German, Russian, and just glassed a random dude she found in her closet. My bisexual heart is a-thumping.

Man, Raven has a tough life. Sucks to be her. Dick Grayson feels guilty for acting like Batman With the Anger Management Issues, so he’ll rescue her.

And Starfire with the disco again! Every song is her theme song, so long as it has a banging beat and flashing lights!

Starfire faces off the scary Russia mafia types. She might not know who she is right now, but she’s definitely fabulous! She’s wearing sequins!

My long lost lust for the 70s has revived, apparently.

I’ve added ‘Grayson,’ ‘Starfire,’ and ‘Nightwing’ to my browser dictionary because obviously I’ll be using them a lot in future.

OOPS. Russian mafia dude was her lover and she betrayed him for Raven. WHO KNEW. Starfire didn’t. He loves her. She doesn’t love him. He’s hurt, verra verra hurt. Deep in his soul. He wishes to patch his soul with a bullet in Starfire’s heart.


I admit to not being familiar with Starfire as a character before. Apparently her superpower is to be a combination grenade/flamethrower. In a fabulous disco glowing fashion. It’s 9am and after I’m finished with this I’m going to be hunting for Starfire fanart. I shall ask of the Tumblr and I shall receive.

Back to Raven. Dark room, candles, bondage, knives, dire man with cryptic words. Poor Raven. She is fecund and damned.  Her life is really NOT going well.

Nightwing and his tight butt have arrived! Huzzah!

Raven just went full-on Exorcist on dire man. Oh dude. Nasty.

Nightwing and his butt weren’t needed.

Now he’s being hugged by a traumatized 13-year old girl and it’s the toughest things he’s ever faced. EMOTIONS. TEARS. AUGH.

Beast Boy is green.

The end.

(I failed to deliver on the burritos. That is because very few people in this show are soft and round.)

David’s Voices, Identified



All of the David 1 and David 2 conversations, now correctly identified based on voice patterns! Between this and our actual visuals of the alters in Chapter 19, it’s now clear what we’re dealing with. 

Divad is the grown-up. He’s the responsible, logical alter who helps David by trying to keep him calm and counseling him to do the right thing. He’s the one who tells David to be truthful in Chapter 9 and 10, who tells him in Chapter 19 that he’s actually sick and needs help (and then to run when it’s clear David is in mortal danger), and he’s the one who helps to plan the attack against Farouk in Chapter 16. It’s probable but not confirmed that Divad is the alter in control in Chapter 18 after when Cary finds David after he’s realized he’s just tortured Oliver instead of Farouk and can’t cope with what he’s done. Divad speaks with the same voice pattern and helped create the plan, and if this is him then I believe he’s heartbroken that David wants revenge so badly that he’s losing himself. 

Dvd is the defender. He’s the alter who takes over when David is in stressful situations and feels trapped. As David’s protector, Dvd is aggressive towards anyone that threatens to hurt David and enjoys making them pay. Dvd is arrogant and claims that David doesn’t need anyone else, which is a very defensive attitude designed to prevent David from being even more vulnerable than he already is. Dvd feels very adolescent, raging against the injustices David has suffered and hostile to empathy. All of this explains his hostility to Syd after she tries to shoot David. I suspect that Dvd was the reason why teen!David blew out the windows on the cop car, and if so he goes at least as far back as that.

Dvd is the source of the creepy smile when David maxes out his powers throughout the show and I’m almost certain he’s the one in charge at the end of Chapter 19 when David escapes Division 3 with Lenny – he’s saying “I’m done. You had your chance.” to David, not to Syd/the others, because he clearly believes David isn’t going to be able to salvage the situation on his own. Importantly, Dvd does appear to have greater control over David’s powers, as he’s able to use them to escape bad situations that David is otherwise unable to. Dvd was the one who busted David out of the fantasy Clockworks. Dvd was likely also the one who used David’s defensive teleportation to save David from the memory sessions in S1. 

Both Divad and Dvd were the voices that tried to stop David from hanging himself back in the pilot. It’s probable that Dvd was the one who got rid of the electrical cord via his defensive teleportation. They’ve been trying to protect David for a long time. And as David reaches his mental and emotional limit at the end of Chapter 19, the alters take charge.

Chapter 9

Dvd: Does he know?
Divad: Calm down.
Dvd: I think he knows.
Divad: He doesn’t know.
Dvd: Then why’d he leave? That was weird.

Dvd: Weird.
Divad: Read his mind.
Dvd: His mind?
Divad: Their mind, whatever.
Dvd: What do they know?
Divad: Assume everything. Be honest.

Chapter 10

David (aloud): I need more help finding Farouk.
Divad: Liar.
Dvd: Shut up, shut up.
David (aloud): Some modifications to the tank.
Kerry (aloud): Do I look like the fix-it guy? Or any guy? I’m the X-chromosome ass kicker. Or maybe you missed the part where there was an arm sticking out of my stomach.
David (aloud): I just –
Divad: Tell her the truth.
David (aloud): I wouldn’t ask unless –
Divad: You need to talk to Syd. Future Syd. It’s important.
Dvd: Is that– Did you just give her a nickname?
Divad: She’s looking at us. Say something.

Chapter 15

Divad: Stop it. We can’t torture him.
Dvd: Why not?
Divad: Because first, it’s horrible, and second, he’s just a mind. Does he even feel pain?

Chapter 16

Dvd: We know where it is. We need a plan. Should we tell?
Divad: No, if we tell, then Farouk can read their minds.
Dvd: Okay. Who should we use? 
David (aloud): Shit.
Divad: On your mark, get set, go.

I also want to use this to gush about how talented Dan Stevens is. He is such an amazing voice actor. Since Chapter 9, we’ve heard these two voices in David’s head, and they were distinct. Dan carried those through the whole season, and then set those voices to body language in Chapter 19. It’s such a rewarding thing for the audience to see, and I am not sure how many actors could have pulled it off this well. 


In another universe I had the chance to tell you that I love you before you died.


The whole movie tbh


Pirate Angel 💕Rabbit 💕Tree


Sorry I just wanted to make a companion piece to this because I forgot the other important interaction this movie gave me


“Even when i had nothing, i had Bucky”

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A soul for a soul.

(Top on my Avengers 4 NOPE List)


i’m not coping well



my primary reaction to infinity war is like…. wow. under hypercapitalism we literally can’t imagine any other fables about resource scarcity, huh?

i’m not even talking about only thanos. every time thanos said his plan to kill half the galaxy (because it’s “finite,” lol ok one-semester-of-econ guy) the other characters were like “no!” or “you can’t!” or “that’s madness!” instead of… counter-arguing, or saying anything like “couldn’t you just… double the resources with a snap of your fingers?” obviously, nobody wants thanos to murder all those people, but it’s also as if everyone tacitly accepts his framing of the problem. “i want to kill half the universe because of resource scarcity,” he says, and everyone says “no, that’s too cruel!!” instead of “wait… wait just a fucking second there, paul ryan.” they don’t even have a line like that even when they’re talking amongst themselves, just musing at how twisted his worldview is, that he can only imagine infinite power as an infinite power to kill. no time is spent imagining an alternative.

and i can’t help but think about how we in the quote-unquote “first world” treat the resource consumption of the so-called “developing world.” we, who have enjoyed the pleasures and benefits of fridges and air conditioning and televisions and cars and convenience food and all that shit for generations: we look at the growing energy & plastics consumption of the developing world and go “uh oh, they’re really running the tab up over there, we can’t let this happen, think of the…. trees!!!” we have the audacity to act like people living in poverty in the tropics wanting window fans is selfish and short-sighted for the environment, and meanwhile we use and waste all the energy and resources we can get ahold of, like a continent full of montgomery burnses.

infinity war could have taken thanos’s approach to scarcity somewhere bigger: somewhere that was useful as a parable for our hypocrisy. the way that ragnarok was brave enough to make a parable of empire; the way that black panther could explore diaspora and identity; the way that the winter soldier actually had something to say about the surveillance-terror state. but for all the moving pieces of infinity war, i don’t think it knew where its central ethic rested. certainly, its characters showed the desire to preserve and protect life. but that’s true of any superhero film.

what it comes down to for me, is that it’s not enough for this movie’s theme to be “let’s protect people, because killing people is bad!” or even, sorry steve, “we don’t trade lives.” it’s not enough. thanos basically says, “there’s one bowl of soup and one spoon and two hungry people, so one of them has to die.” so what i needed was someone to openly reject that whole proposition. not just “no, you shouldn’t kill trillions,” but “no, that is fucking ludicrous, i reject that worldview. i reject human life as a brutal competition. group survival, even in the face of scarcity or hardship, is exactly what the fuck we developed culture for.” like, we could use that message. that message, delivered palatably in a blockbuster action movie, could do some good.

but it wasn’t really in there. maybe in little bits, in pieces. maybe. so i’m sure we’re going to have to endure a bunch of “welllll, thanos was a bad guy, but he did have a point about scarcity” metas. because we’re still failing to see how asking other people to die so that the rest can enjoy plenty is itself exactly the fucking problem on this bitch of an earth

i will acknowledge that gamora comes the closest to doing this. gamora comes down on thanos for slaughtering half her planet. but!! but! then thanos gets this horrible line about how the children who grew up after his genocide got to have “full bellies” and the planet’s a “utopia” now. and what does gamora get to say back to that? nothing! she doesn’t get a line after that! she looks angry and grief-stricken, but the writers don’t give her a single fucking thing to say in disagreement!! like, how about: “growing up as a traumatized survivor of genocide isn’t very fucking utopian????” the writers couldn’t imagine that fucking line?