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Marvel if you’re watching, consider this my résumé



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Broke: Thor doesn’t understand memes

Woke: No one understands Thor’s antique, spicy asgardian memes

This of course brings up the question of what exactly asgardian memes would be, any ideas lads?

Imma just go ahead and say the tragedy of Loki of asgard is a huge meme at this point

heimdall watches you fap

  • [pointing at any group of 3 anythings] the warriors three
    • along the same lines pointing at any green animal “loki??”
  • if you’re straight you can’t cross the bifrost
  • if an uncomfortable conversation occurs you suddenly have to go home and [yourname]sleep for a hundred years
  • loki’s terrible overcomplicated plans
  • heimdall commits treason every single day and nobody has ever even thought of trying to stop him
  • odin’s vault is full of things that should not be kept together/anything lost (e. g. “where’s my other sock??” “odins vault probably”)
  • gET HELP MY BROTHER HE’S DYING (loki flies through the air)
    • probably the asgardian version of yeet tbh
  • “Carl this bag’s too heavy wtf is in th-” “YOU’RE JUST NOT WORTHY”
  • “Day 2737384 without sex: I’m ready to ride a horse. But like, the way Loki did.”
  • Breaking something any time someone says the word “another”. Like, any context at all
  • “there’s got to be another w-” *glass shatters off screen* “JEREMY I SWEAR TO FUCK-”
  • The 5edgy4u types would absolutely joke about Loki yeeting himself off the bifrost so like
  • *minor inconvenience* “TO THE BIFROST!”
  • *test goes bad* “TO THE BIFROST!”
  • *has to do the dishes* “TO THE- (well you get the point)
  • Giving each other Absolutely Ridiculous titles. (Read: “Bronn, god of that weird itch in your ear that doesn’t go away until you stick something in it”)
  • *violent thunder* “lmao Mood”
  • #Odin’sBeardChallenge where everyone tries to grow a majestic ass beard so that eventually they can scream “MY BEARD!” instead of “Odin’s beard” and if it’s Valid someone will say it back
  • Broke: “MY BEARD!” “Ralph you’re 14 please stop”
  • Woke: “MY BEARD!” *Considerable amount of discussion, nodding heads* “TROY’S BEARD!”



Happy 101st Birthday Jack ‘The King’ Kirby!


Today would be your 101st birthday, but it is you who have given the gifts.

Thank you for him:

And him:

And him:

And him:

And them:

And them:

…and the dozens of other characters that you help create.


Feel the Rage of a God..

Fanart to Infinity War.
I had in mind that scene where Thor, Rocket and Groot arrive in Wakanda.

Gosh, finally I have something to post again, this took me forever to finish… ^^’
I’m happy how Groot and Rocket turned out, this was my first time painting a raccoon.

the most time I am now working on a lot of personal artworks that I sadly cannot post here, that’s why I don’t have as much time to draw
fanarts anymore. But I’ll try to at least post one work per month.

Thanks for taking a look! 🙂




You ever think about how Mjolnir was the physical manifestation of Loki’s entire inferiority complex and how now that she’s gone he can feel on equal footing with Thor for the first time in centuries?

Do you also ever think about how Loki watched this very real and tangible symbol of strength that he had never been able to budge even a little bit just casually shattered by Hela and how it made him freak the fuck out?

Oh, like how, now that Thor’s powers come from himself instead of from a specific weapon, they don’t feel like objective measures of fundamental worth anymore? Because now they’re cool, unique Thor Things, just like Loki’s powers are cool, unique Loki Things – different but not better or worse? 

And how Mjolnir can’t be the definitive measure of strength that it seemed to be if Hela was able to shatter it? And since Thor and Loki together could beat Hela, it means that power can’t be defined as rigidly as it seemed like it could when Thor’s power was concentrated externally?

Yeah I think about that sometimes 



Thor thinks Cap’s shield works like his hammer, and is proud that he can lift it.

Yes.  Accepted.  Yes.