All I want is a moment where Tony insults Dum-E and one if the Avengers says “why don’t you just fix him?” and Tony just gives them the nastiest look


Iron Man by Alexander Lozano













Would block Tony antis:


Would reblog Tony antis: 


I hope you don’t mind if I expand this.

Would write 800 words meta on why Tony is not a villain, with proper citations:

Would browse the anti tag and pick fights:

Would create a Tony Stark Defence Squad Discord server:

*softly* yes. This is, by far, the more accurate version. 

Please add Happy and Harley and Gary in Iron Man 3.

Would send 1-2 word responses to antis’ posts like "lol” and “ur wrong” just to irritate them:


Would totally send anon hate to antis:


tony stark is ur fave’s fave

Would write Tony Stark Think Pieces detailing both his good and bad qualities but ultimately coming to the conclusion that Tony Stark is a hero

Makes Tony Stark Memes and Incorrect quotes.

Makes Tony Stark thirst posts.

It got better

Makes Tony Stark fanfiction based off of thirst tweets. Pretends he doesn’t know what fanfiction is when confronted.


Wheres thor?

Gets confused about why all his friends are on their phones all time but also he still has no idea how to use human technology 


Love this!


The ideas came up when I was handling the specimens in the lab.


One of my favorite things about Tony and Steve and their relationship is that, for all his cynicism, Tony is fundamentally an optimist and for all his idealism, Steve is fundamentally not.

Tony has never had much faith in anyone else to do anything right. And when it comes down to it he’s not a big fan if himself, either. But he believes in the future. He believes that, for all its flaws, humanity is bettering itself. It’s worth investing in. It’s why he does what he does and why he’s a futurist.

Steve is the exact opposite. He believes in individuals. But, coming from the 40s, he’s already seen the future, and what it looks like is a whole lot of the same. Sure, some things are better, but there still war and strife and pain and inequality. He has no reason to believe that another couple decades will make any difference at all.

But when you put them together, they complement each other perfectly, whether as teammates or friends or anything else. Tony has more than enough faith in humanity for the both of them and Steve has more than enough faith in people. And I just think that’s beautiful.


Invincible Iron Man #3

i need a fic where instead of steve carrying tony everywhere people bet that tony cant pick steve up and tony is just like “bitch??? i lift machinery???” and he just hefts steve like hes nothing. steve,,, enjoys it


Tony is mad because people think that for some odd reason he can’t lift for shit. They fail to see that the Iron Man suit is far heavier than it looks, you need insane core muscles to maneuver it, and Tony knows what the hell he’s doing. 

So when a reporter insinuates that Tony is the weak one, Tony nearly picks Steve up one-handed. 

“Oh, you mean this type of weak?” He asks, deadpan. 

(It should be mentioned that Steve enjoyed it. A bit too much, but no one had to know that besides Tony, who bitches about Steve wanting lifts all the time.) 


Yay!! Translation for you. guys!

THANKS to @noob-in-games


I saw a theory going around that Tony is going to travel back in time and ask Loki for help to defeat Thanos. My diva son is ready for his redemption. 

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